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Welcome to Daydreams of Quilts Blog! It’s wonderful that you are here. Here you will find posts about quilting both as a hobby and as a business. Anita strives to share her quilting knowledge gained in over twenty years of quilting and business knowledge gained in seven years of business.

Swoon Quilt in Solid Fabrics
A quilt made at the request of Anita’s Aunt and Uncle in solids matching the colours of the art by Ted Harrison in his book “O Canada”.


Anita is a passionate Canadian quilter who has finally figured out the answer to “What do I want to be when I grow up?” She has been quilting since 1997, blogging since 2011 and a pattern designer since 2016. She holds a Journalism diploma from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and combines her skills in writing, photography, quilting and teaching on this blog.

She wants to share her knowledge in quilting, pattern design and business with others who seek this knowledge. Why hoard information to yourself? The more the merrier and as the saying goes “A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it… it just grows.”

Here you will find posts about quilting as a hobby and as a business. Feel free to take, or learn, what you need and leave the rest. May we all be beautiful flowers, or in our case, quilters.


Two Log Cabin Heart Quilts for Identical Twins’ Graduation from High School

I am in the Canadian Modern Quilt Bee on Instagram this year (#canadianmodernquiltbee) and for my bee block in January I chose the log cabin heart block by Just Jude. You can read more in her blog post. She has a free tutorial/pattern with a YouTube video. Originally I wanted my blocks to have a …