Strawberry Fields Block of the Month Blocks

You wouldn’t know it by this blog recently but I have been working on three quilts. I have also been working at two jobs while my husband has been on vacation for a month to make the most of my earning potential without paying for childcare. This means that finding both time and energy to quilt has been a challenge but here are some photos of one of my beloved projects. We just celebrated 12 years of marriage so perhaps the 12 blocks in this quilt can represent each year.

These are six of the 12 blocks from The Fat Quarter Shop’s 2011 Mystery Block of the Month quilt using Strawberry Fields fabric by Joanna Figueroa for Moda. These are the tops of what will be 12 flowers. I have six more to sew and I need to cut and piece the flower stems too. I somehow fell quite far behind on this project as I had intended to have it finished by June or July and now it is August and I am nowhere close. But I am still enjoying the process. I have also sewn two of the 2012 Mystery Block of the Month blocks and am managing to stay on top of that one so far. I did not take photos of those blocks yet as they won’t be a “mystery” to anyone who hasn’t signed up yet if I post them on the Internet. The idea of these projects is that each month’s block is a mystery until you receive it in the mail. Here are some closer shots of my flowers on the grass.

 This one was by far the most difficult so far and it has a mistake in it. I will have to pick out the stitches and fix it at some point before the quilt is pieced together.

 This yellow one was the first block and it’s so sunny and happy.

 This one was the easiest and therefore one of my favourite ones. I also love how it showcases the beautiful fabrics.

 I love this one too and am very pleased with how it turned out even though it has one small mistake in it too.

 I love the strawberry fabric so I was happy that this block features such a big piece of it.

This one is interesting to look at and I like the colours in it. I must keep cutting and sewing and get the rest of the blocks sewn up. This will be a treasured quilt when it is finished. Well, they are all treasured but this one might be the favourite.

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