Treading Water But Not Getting Very Far

Not much sewing is getting done around here right now. I did hem two pairs of new pants so does that count? I also sewed a new Beaver tail on my son’s hat for Beaver Scouts and two badges onto his camp blanket. But other than that… no sewing. Here is the quilt I have in progress.

My soldier husband has been away on exercise since basically September 6th. He was home for a week at the end of September which is when I got this work done on the quilt. He was also home for Thanksgiving for four days but I was busy working. So here it sits on my ironing board in the corner of my little dining room. It has to be done by November 11th because it’s a birthday gift for my Grandma who is turning 89. I am getting a bit nervous but usually a great sense of urgency (ie. a deadline) will ensure that a project gets finished quickly. I hope to get some work done this week. This afternoon maybe? With running my son to hockey and Beavers, running my daughter to music lessons, ballet and playschool and running myself to my part time job plus doing housework I am having trouble finding spare time. I wonder why? 😉 I hope I have more to show you soon. I will in November for sure!

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