I Finally Sewed My Sherbet Pips Quilt!

Here is my second finished quilt of 2013. It is probably the easiest quilt anyone can possibly make so I got it done very quickly. I like how when you stand back and squint at it it looks pixels on a computer.

This quilt is a lap quilt for the living room made with two charm square packs of “Sherbet Pips” by Aneela Hoey for Moda. I LOVE this fabric and couldn’t bear to cut into the charms and risk hacking up the little children and dogs so I just sewed the charms into a quilt top. Super easy… anyone can do it. Then I added a six inch border of my favorite fabric from the collection and a binding of another fabric from the collection and voila!

The backing is a solid grey quilters cotton. I hand sewed the double fold binding to the back.

This is the border fabric of the little doggies chasing balls and mice and leaving muddy paw prints behind them. I tried not to quilt through any of the adorable little dogs. They remind me of my Jack Russell Terrier chasing his ball in the yard.

Here he is panting after having a good few rounds of fetch. This photo was taken in 2010 in the spring. He still chases his ball even though he’s almost 14 years old but not for as long as he used to.

Here you can see there are kids on scooters, little dogs and girls on tree swings. The most adorable fabric ever! I’m going to go poke around my favorite quilt shop and see if there’s any hiding there still. I bought this fabric in 2011 though so I doubt it.

I tried not to quilt through the little children either so my quilting is a bit large and curvy but I love this quilt. For me this one is all about the fabric and not about fancy piecing or quilting. I am happy this fabric is finally out of my drawer and into a quilt for my family to enjoy.

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