“A Walk In The Woods” Charm Square Quilt

I finished another lap quilt today. I am amazed that I had enough batting scraps in the house to piece together batting for four lap quilts/throws and a baby quilt. This one is made with the fabric line called “A Walk In The Woods” by Aneela Hoey for Moda. Like my “Sherbet Pips” quilt it is made with two charm square packs. I have one more like this to post, when it’s finished, made with “Bliss” charm squares.

Those are my husband’s feet under the quilt and my little daughter’s feet just to the right of his. Normally I would crop that out but I thought it was cute. These photos are taken in an afternoon sunbeam coming through the window so not the best light but better than going out in the cold.

Here is a closer shot of some of the cute fabrics (and the shadow of my head – not so cute). This quilt features Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf. My daughter is thrilled with the theme and even got her Little Red Riding Hood book out today in honour of the big finish.

I was wracking my brain trying to think of what to back the quilt with when I remembered a bundle of Sweet 16’s that I’ve had for three and half years and still don’t know what to do with. They are a very soft, thick flannel. I pieced 35 of them together for the backing. When I was making the quilt sandwich I realised that it is very difficult to get the seams on the backing lined up parallel with seams on the front. So we’re just going to be happy with the seams running a bit off kilter. (My husband actually said he really liked that so I’m going with that. This shot has no feet but shins instead.)

Here is a closer shot of the border and binding (blue with red mushrooms). I just quilted with with a walking foot stitch-in-the-ditch style. I may add more quilting later but I don’t want to quilt over the little characters. I was going to post a closer shot of the centre Sweet 16 on the back but can’t get it to upload for some reason. It has sweet little bunniesj and flowers on it. Thanks for stopping by. I think we’ll be reading “Little Red Riding Hood” this afternoon under the quilt in the sunbeam.

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