I Decorated My Smash Books

This is what I was up to yesterday. Well, this and making cards for my Etsy shop. These are my Smash books which are journals/scrapbooks. They’re basically what scrapbooks used to be before scrapbooks became photo albums. The nice thing about these is they’re not super expensive and you can just “smash” stuff into them. They don’t have to be all perfect and fancy. That being said… I kind of did lean toward the perfect and fancy side when decorating them. 😉 I felt very free in decorating them though because they didn’t have to be perfect.

This one is my favorite, I think, although I do like them all. I plan to use this one for planning and listing sewing projects. The great thing about doing these books is that I was hoarding hanging onto some of these supplies because I couldn’t bear to part with them for the perfect project and now I can still have them while using them at the same time. 🙂

This one with the bird I think will be used more as a journal type of book. The next photo is a shot of the back. Some of my friends were asking me what Washi tape is. That is washi tape on the corners of the bird picture.

All of these books are “Smash Books” by K & C Company except for this next photo with the spiral binding. This next one if from Stampin’ Up.
Love those hexagons. Am I right? 😉 This one will probably be a journal type of book as well. All the papers and stamps I have used on these are from Stampin’ Up. I should really just sell for them shouldn’t I? Maybe I’ll think about it some more. I do love their stuff though.
This is the biggest Smash Book and the only one I have actually smashed stuff into so far. The papers on this one are Martha Stewart scrapbooking papers. Love her stuff too! The washi tape on the left is not sticking to the purple binding tape so I think it will be coming off soon. Live and learn I guess.
This is the back. The butterfly washi tape is not staying stuck very well but it does have the paper to cling to also. I might try glue?
You wanna see what’s in my Smash book? Well, here you go. It’s magazine clippings of home decor styles I like (and some crafty clippings too).
Here’s another page in my book. Don’t you love that blue hutch?! I do! Anyway, those are my Smash books. The two smaller ones I bought at Walmart 50% off for something like $7 or $8. I was so excited to find them at that price. I think they are usually $17 at Michael’s. And the larger one I bought at Michael’s with a 40% off coupon. Use a coupon for sure on that one. Otherwise they are a bit pricey. And the coil bound one from Stampin’ Up I bought in a package deal with the book, paper, stickers, washi tape and a stamp all for $40. Awesome deal! The promotion may still be on so check their website or ask your consultant if you have one. (See? I should totally sell for them.) Anyway, I recommend this activity that I call “smashbooking”. It’s loads of fun! Thanks for checking out my work on my Smash books today.

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