Making Mother’s Day Jewellery

I created some jewellery on Wednesday and have some pictures to show you. First up is a necklace and earring set for  my Grandma. She is a stylish lady who likes to have earrings that match her necklaces. I don’t know if she will like these or not so I will be anxious to see what she thinks on Mother’s Day.

I used glass beads except for the six small dark green ones at the centre drop and the dark green ones on the earrings. Those are natural stone beads called Aventurine.

After taking these photos I decided I didn’t like how the little stones and crystals were hanging in the glass hoops so I wanted to put jump rings in to make them dangle better.

Well, that did not go so well. I broke the crystals while trying to undo the metal findings. How appropriate that my kids’ “Trouble” game was on the coffee table where I was working because I really did run into trouble. I was saying bad words and my husband was imploring me to take a break and eat some waffles that he had made. After having waffles things went much better. 😉

Much better with the jump rings but I needed more stone beads as I only had two crystal ones left at the end. I like how they turned out though.

Sorry, this picture is not so good. The sun was going down. The next one is better. This is a necklace I made for a friend. She and I were participating in a “Craft It Forward” on Facebook. You post on your status that you will make a special gift for the first five people to comment on your post within the next year with the one condition that they must re post the status and make something for the first 5 people to comment. And so on. She and I were the only ones interested in doing this so I guess I had it easy only needing to make one gift.

Here is a better photo of the beads. The large beads in between the white seed beads are natural semi-precious stone Garnet. That is her birth stone so it was perfect I had them in my bead stash. I gave it to her this morning and she said I was “awesome” so I was happy. 🙂

Now, I need to figures something out for my Mom but she sometimes reads my blog so I won’t be able to post it until after Mother’s Day. I hope everyone has a great Mother’s Day weekend. I will be drawing the winners of my two Sew Mama Sew giveaways tonight at 5:00 PST (6:00 MST) so get your entries in before then if you haven’t already. (See posts from Monday and Wednesday.)

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