10 Things This Summer

Sherri at A Quilting Life has set up a Linky for quilting bloggers to list 10 things they want to do this summer. She is hosting a giveaway for her 5th Blogiversary. Even if you don’t blog you can write your 10 things in the comments and still have a chance to win so make sure you check out her post that I have linked in the first sentence.

Here is my list of 10 things I want to accomplish this summer. Although I have a lot more than 10 things I am trying to keep it real. And also keep my readers from having to read a novel here on my blog.

1. Sew A Quilt for Calgary Done! Whoo-hoo! One thing off the list. But I am taking up a spot here in my 10 things so I will say: Sew another quilt for Calgary (and area). If you do not already know, Southern Alberta suffered a devastating flood last month and hundreds of people’s homes have been destroyed or badly damaged.

I cut the pieces for this quilt on Wednesday July 3 and finished the quilt top on Thursday July 4. This pattern is amazingly quick to put together. It is Piece of Cake 3 by Camille Roskelley of “Thimble Blossoms”. I have her pattern from her Craftsy class called “Pre-Cut Piecing Made Simple”. But she also sells the pattern in her shop.

I dropped this quilt top off this afternoon at Sparrow Studioz, a long arm studio, here in Edmonton where they are generously supplying the batting and backing and quilters there will finish it for me on a long arm machine.

The fabric is Whimsy by Fig Tree Quilts for Moda. I believe this line is from 2008 but I picked it up in Drumheller, AB on vacation last summer. The border fabric is another Fig Tree fabric that I picked up in Jasper, AB last summer. I was so happy to be able to donate this quilt top and do something to help. I felt a bit powerless watching everything on the news and watching my husband head off with his fellow soldiers to help and all I could do was sit at home. Then I found calls for quilts (see this post for some links) and then I had something I could do to help.

Okay, the rest of my 10 things will not be as long as the first one. I promise. 🙂

2. Finish the 2012 Fat Quarter Shop Block of the Month. I only have two squares done. Ten more to go! I love that Vintage Modern fabric.

3. Finish the 2011 Fat Quarter Shop Block of the Month. Really Anita! This is getting ridiculous!

Four more blocks to go!
4. Finish my “Thimble Blossoms” Fireworks quilt. Only one block is done. 15 more to go! Note the writing on the basket. Have “Faith” Anita. You will get this done someday.

5.  Start and Finish my “Thimble Blossoms” Hop Scotch quilt. I might have mentioned what a huge Camille Roskelley fan I am. When I was a teenager it was Bon Jovi and Guns n Roses. Now, it’s Camille Roskelley. 😉 Seriously though, she is so awesome! I’ve had this pattern and jelly roll for a year! I hope there are other people out there like me so I don’t feel so bad about having projects lined up. I’m sure there are. Right?!

6. Finish learning to knit these sample socks before my daughter is 20 years old and there’s no hope of her ever getting her feet into them. (She’s 4.) I have a zillion skeins of glorious sock yarn waiting for me to finish these “learner” socks and get on with the real deal!
7. Finish this adorable “Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery” Summer Sampler. Click on the pumpkin in my button bar so see more of this. These cross stitch patterns are the cutest! I am making good progress on this though. I have two rows of frames done now. I am way behind the stitch-a-long because I started three weeks late.
8. Sew these adorable Happy Zombie fabrics into a Christmas quilt(s) already! I’ve been hoarding saving treasuring these for two years! And procrastinating putting other projects ahead of Christmas. Two Christmas’ have gone by now. This year must be the year!

9. Survive a military move in August. Please, please, let nothing bad happen to all my craft supplies, my sewing machine or anything else that I adore during this move. Thank goodness it’s only 3 hours away so I hope that minimises the risk of things being lost or broken.
10. Set up my new, improved, bigger craft room in my new PMQ (private married quarters on military base) with fantastic IKEA storage solutions. And be happy!
Do you think I can do it all? Thanks for reading. Feel free to leave comments telling me that I am not alone in having way too many projects lined up to sew/craft/knit. There’s a million more it seems but you’ve read this far and you probably need a bathroom break or a coffee or both now. 🙂

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