Not “Sew” Speedy Sewing

I am working for our city’s summer fair until 11:00 every night right now so I am not getting as much sewing done as I usually do in the summer. Here are my WIPs so far.

This is my String of Pearls quilt Laid out on top of fabric piles and balls of yarn on my sideboard in the dining room. (That’s what a sideboard is for right? To hold craft supplies? Ha ha!) It has two rows out of six sewn together. I hope to make more progress on that today. My husband saw it when I had it laid out on the floor and he said “That is such a cool quilt.” High praise I’d say. Christa should be proud of her design. 🙂

This is my “Baby Love” quilt with the quilting finished. It just needs to be bound now. You can read more about this project here.

Here is a photo of just the top before quilting.

Working is taking time and energy right now though. This was the view outside my window last night as the sun was going down. The ferris wheel. Fun! 🙂

A perk of punching out at 11:00 p.m. is that the fireworks are just going off at that time. I am looking forward to Friday when we are taking our kids to the fair. They can’t wait! I am linking up with “Sew Cute Tuesday”, “Fabric Tuesday” and “WIP Wednesday.” I hope everyone is enjoying fun things like summer fairs this summer (if you are in the northern hemisphere) and finding time to sew.

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