I survived the move :)

Hello! I am just popping in with a quick “Hi” to say that I have survived my move to Wainwright, Alberta. I am drowning in boxes now and have not even begun to unpack my quilting and crafting supplies. Sadly, the kitchen took top priority out of necessity with the living room and kids rooms coming in a close second and third. Hopefully soon I can be back to my normal quilty life. My moving company “Premier Van Lines” did a great job and a big thank you goes out to our driver Paul (even though I’m sure he’ll never read this here). He was absolutely fantastic with me, a total stress case, and with my kids. He even let them sit in the cab of his truck and blow the air horn and gave them gummy bears too! He will be highly praised on the satisfaction survey I can tell you.

I just called my fabric supplier to check on the status of my Briar Rose order and so far only 9 out of 24 bolts have arrived at their warehouse so I am not sure when I will have that in stock but will write a post as soon as I have it.

I took a little road trip yesterday to a town about 60 km away called Vermilion and found a fantastic quilt shop there in their local mall! It’s stuffed full of all kinds of great quiliting supplies with kids toys and snow globes too! I bought the batting for this quilt there. Now, which box is it in? I imagine it will need some serious time on the ironing board too when I find it. Anyway, I guess my unpacking break is over. Better get back to it. I miss all of you in blogland. 🙂

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