Maybe I Have Good Karma

Maybe by hosting some of my own giveaways recently I created good Karma for myself? I won three giveaways last month. Two of the prizes have come in so I have a few pictures to show you of my wins. 🙂

This adorable Peter Rabbit fabric is from Rachel Riley of The Life of Riley. I was just over on her blog and her hexagon owl quilt is amazing! I was showing this fabric to my daughter and we were naming the characters and she said, “Where’s Mr. Todd?” (the fox!). He must have had an impact on her but he’s a less savoury character so I guess that’s why he’s not on this fabric. Ha ha! I will make something for my little girl with this. Probably a quilt to snuggle under to read Peter Rabbit stories. 😀 Thank you so much Rachel if you’re reading this.

This roll of 2 1/2 inch strips of Chicopee is my win from Flare Fabrics for entering my funny quilting story at “Canadian Quilt Talk”. I was featured in “Quilter’s Corner” on episode 2. Here is the link for yesterday’s pod cast (episode 5). And here is my post about being featured on the pod cast.

Pretty lucky eh? Now, what to sew… what to sew. I must think about that. 🙂 This last photo is of the contents of a couple of grab bags I bought yesterday in that little quilt shop in Irma, AB. The grab bags were $5 each and each had 15 two and a half inch strips. I put the Chicopee along the bottom and it looks like some of the fabrics from the grab bags would work with the Chicopee. Serendipity!

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