New Thread to Take to My New Home

Life is getting busy around here with the upcoming move. The packers are coming on Tuesday! The truck will be loaded a week from today. Yikes! We just came back from a “destination inspection trip” to see our new house. We will be living on the military base again as it is not in the cards to take on a mortgage right now. The house we have been allocated is stunning! I am over the moon with happiness. It is a duplex and it’s only a few years old. (This is very rare with Canadian military housing.) We have met the neighbours in the other half of the duplex and they are very nice.

Anyway, on the way back today I stopped in a little quilt shop in a little village that’s about 20 minutes out of my soon-to-be town. (The village of Irma.) I found Aurifil Thread 50% off! (Also rare around these parts.) So I snapped up the last box without a second thought.

 This is the outside of the box with the lovely sale sticker on it. 😉

 These are the Threads on the inside.

 Plus, before I went on the trip, Carla from Cora Quilts told me about an online shop in Canada called Tristan Threads that was clearing out Aurifil thread. So naturally I had to order from them and the thread was in the mailbox when I got home.

All of the threads are 28 wt. except these three 50 wt. From what I understand, 50 wt. is the best for piecing. Does anyone out there know if 28 wt. also works for piecing? It seems to be more recommended for quilting the finished quilt. I have bought all these spools (39!) based solely on hearing great things about this thread on blogs. So I hope it lives up to high expectations. I’m sure it will. Please feel free to comment and educate me on how best to use my purchases. Now, if only I wasn’t so busy moving and could be sewing.

Things are going to get quiet here on ‘Daydreams of Quilts’ during the move. I will have no Internet for one thing. I hope to be up and running again soon though. My Internet should be hooked up in the new house on August 13th. Fingers crossed that my computer survives intact. It’s only 200 km down the highway so I hope for the best. (However, lots of oilfield equipment gets moved down that highway. We had to move onto the shoulder several times during the trip out and back!)

Thank you for stopping in and checking out my beautiful threads.

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