Happily Crafting

I have been happily crafting all day today. I am making progress on my “Penny Candy” Christmas quilt from the book “Strip-Smart Quilts” by Kathy Brown. So far, I have sewn the red and pink blocks so that’s two colours down and three to go. I also made a little quilter’s/sewists’ journal for my Etsy shop. This was a store bought notebook that I decorated with sewing themed papers. The original notebook is made from 80% sugarcane waste! Environmentally friendly. 🙂

 This is the front cover. There is a velvet ribbon down the side with two corduroy buttons. The papers are hexagons and little dress sewing pattern views.

 This is inside the front cover. It came in sideways somehow. There is a pocket on the page with the button papers. I put a ribbon and mini rick rack down the left side.

 This is the other side of the pocket page with another pocket. The paper is printed with sewing pattern instructions.

 I added two dividers with tabs and pockets which are removable so they can be moved around in the notebook.

 This is the inside of the back cover with another pocket. There are five pockets total inside.

 This is the back cover. I used paper supplies from Stampin’ Up and Smashbook to decorate the notebook. It’s in my Etsy shop if you want to see the listing. Just click the Etsy button on my button bar.

 Here is where I was at a couple of days ago with the Christmas quilt. Cutting out all the triangles.

 These are the scraps that come off the ends of the strips. You can see my triangles lined up at the top of the cutting mat with my scrap pile growing on the left.

Here is the scrap pile after all the triangles are cut. Yikes! That is one thing I do not like about this technique is the amount of scraps generated. However, I am tolerating this because I love the look of the finished quilt. I have a plan for using these pieces up in yet another quilt.

Also, I am the sponsor of the Canadian Quilt Talk pod cast this week. Listen in on Thursday for a coupon code for 10% off in my shop if you are so inclined to shop there. 🙂

Thanks for checking out my projects today. Such a happy day being off work and having both kids at school. They’ll be home in about 20 minutes and then we’re off to hockey and gymnastics. Busy times!

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