Why I Want to Win a Baby Lock Melody Sewing Machine

Hi again. I am writing this post to enter to win a Baby Lock Melody sewing machine as part of the Blogger’s Quilt Festival. So here is why I want to win:

1. I am sewing on a 16 year-old Kenmore from Sears. It’s a regular sewing machine that does not have special features for quilters. It’s been a good machine and has held up well. But now it is having tension problems which is causing me to have tension problems.

Here’s a picture of the dear old girl. I hope she holds up if I don’t win!

2. I cannot really afford to buy a new machine right now and have to save up. I don’t know if my machine will last until I have enough saved up.

3. In checking out the Baby Lock Melody machine online I have learned that it has several features that I would enjoy as a quilter. Such as 189 built-in stitch patterns. I am sure one of those stitches would be a blanket stitch and I would love to have that for applique. It also has a hands free presser foot lift and several push button controls that would really speed up my process.

I hope I win! 🙂 Wish me luck! Here’s a picture of a beautiful sunset near my home that I took last week to brighten up this post.

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