W.I.P. Wednesday

It’s cold and snowy here today. A great day to stay inside and sew. I do have to run out at least four times though so I hope I manage to get quite a bit done in between piano lessons, grocery shopping and school pick-up.

I plan to sew up several more of these adorable little guys:

For Christmas gifts. It’s going to be hard to give them away… I love them so much! 🙂

I had a question from Julie about how I made these Santa Gnomes so here is a quick run down for you.

The little Santa Gnomes are cut out of yardage printed with them on it. The fabric line is Winterkist by Monica Solorio- Snow for Lecien fabrics. I found the fabrics from various Etsy shops. I layered my Santa on top of backing fabric from the same line and cut a quarter inch from the printed edge of the Santa. I left a little bit more than a quarter inch at the bottom where I would have to turn under and hand sew. Then, with right sides together I stitched a quarter inch seam all around leaving an opening at the bottom big enough to get my hand through. Then I trimmed close to the point at the top of the hat and turned it right side out. Then stuffed with polyfill stuffing making sure to really get the tip of the hat filled well. Then I turned in the raw edges and whip stitched the Santa closed at the bottom when I was finished stuffing.

I also need to sew a bunch more of these blocks:

 These have been sitting for about a month now waiting for friends to join them.

And I need to turn these scraps into something too.

There’s about a hundred other things I want to sew to but I’m trying to keep it real here. 😉 Happy sewing to you! Stay warm if it’s cold where you are. It’s -32C here with the wind chill. (We live near a lake.) I am linking up with W.I.P. Wednesday for the first time in months!

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