New Year’s Day 2014

Today was a productive day for me. I got all the Christmas decorations packed away. That was a four hour project! Then my daughter and I got to work on sorting my fabric scraps.

 We sorted them all by colour. Here she is in the kitchen. The kitchen floor was nice and clean for this project because my son had a Frutopia drink explosion / accident last night (the lid fell off the jug when he was pouring) so the floor got mopped.

After we sorted by colour, which took about two hours, I sorted by colour value. I also separated out all the fabrics that would be good for a man’s quilts (ie. no florals!) so that I can sew this quilt pattern:

This is “Oh, Canada!” by Cheryl Arkinson. You can find this pattern here in her Etsy shop if you are interested.

This quilt will be a Quilt of Valour for a Canadian soldier/veteran that I know who is going through a hard time with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

This brings me to my “word of the year” for 2014. Many bloggers are picking a word and I have chosen the word “Compassion”. In relation to that word I hope to sew at least two Quilts of Valour this year.

In addition to that my goals for this year include:
1. Putting a serious dent in that huge scrap collection in the top photo.
2. Stocking Canadian fabrics by Northcott in my shop that are “for a cause”.
3. Finishing all the quilts I said I was going to finish in 2013 that I didn’t!

Here’s hoping I have success with all of these.
Happy New Year! May you have a successful year as well!

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