Little Radiant Orchid Houses – Mini Quilt

It doesn’t quite roll off the tongue the way “Little Pink Houses” does but here is my Pantone Quilt Challenge Mini. I have thought and thought about the 2014 Pantone Quilt Challenge using this year’s colour of the year – Radiant Orchid. Finally I decided to purchase Camille Roskelley’s “Dwell” mini quilt pattern. This pattern is available here.

I found this little quilt to be trickier than it looks. I had a bit of trouble getting the binding on as well because it was a two inch binding instead of my usual two and a half inch. However, it is done and as the saying goes; “Done is better than perfect.” Especially when I am working full time and finding it hard to get sewing in. (I pushed through this little project with a bad headache but I do wish it was a bit more perfect.)

Here is a shot in the bright sun that I took in the hopes of showing the colours better. It is quite a cute little mini quilt. Mine came out at 15.5 x 12.5 inches. This will probably hang in my daughter’s room. I hope to do the larger Dwell version in time for the entry deadline.

To see more quilts in the challenge click this link.

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