Wildlife and Skywalk in Jasper National Park, Alberta Canada

Hi! I am in such a good mood tonight after teaching my first ever beginner’s quilting class at my local Military Family Resource Centre. I am teaching some of my fellow military wives to quilt! This post isn’t about quilting though. However, it has cute wild animals so click in and have a look. (Warning, lots of pictures – 17 to be exact.)

As those who follow me on Instagram know, I was in Jasper National Park the weekend before last. We go every year with my parents and siblings for a family trip. This year was amazing for wildlife sightings because of the late spring. We saw five bears! Three black bears and two brown bears. We also saw elk, deer, mountain goats, big horn sheep, coyotes, a caribou and a bald eagles’ nest.

The new “Glacier Skywalk” in the Icefields of Jasper National Park.

 My Mom treated us all to a trip to the Glacier Skywalk. There is a great interpretive walk with interactive displays and information you can listen to as you walk along.

View of the Canyon. The Skywalk is on the left.

Another Canyon shot. We are surrounded by Rocky Mountains but the clouds are obscuring the view.

My brother and my kids listening to interpretive information.

A Mother and Baby Mountain Goat as seen from above on the Skywalk.

My feet on the glass floor with the canyon far below.

Tourists on the Skywalk.

The mother Mountain Goat.

Myself on the glass floor. (I’m five months pregnant and it was windy so you’ll have to cut me some slack in the glamour department. 😉

A brown bear (photographed from the safety of my van) on the Icefields Parkway. Look at that cute face!

Another photo of the brown bear.

And a black bear on the same ride home on the Icefields Parkway.

Another photo of the black bear. I did not exit my vehicle to take these photos.

A deer on the Icefields Parkway. It was a great drive for viewing wildlife.

Canada geese.

Another deer. This one was at Lake Annette and has been collared by the Parks staff.

Lake Annette. I will never tire of looking at this water. I love these colours.

So, have I enticed you to come visit my beautiful province and visit one of my favourite places on earth? I love Jasper! It’s a national treasure.


  1. I haven't been to Jasper in years! My memory of it was my dad losing his wallet in the parking lot at the Jasper tramway and the ensuing search for it 😀 Anyway, I'm hoping to get out there to go on the glacier skywalk.. it looks fantastic.

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