Have You Heard of Massdrop?

Hi. I am writing this post to tell you about a new resource for quilting and crafting supplies online. It’s a website called Massdrop. How it works is people with similar interests get together on a group buy and because we are buying “en mass” we can get lower prices. When the “drop” ends Massdrop orders the products on behalf of us, the buyers, and ships them out to us.

There are also opportunities to vote on upcoming drops so you can see more of what you are interested in buying become available on the site.

This week I couldn’t resist getting in on the Pearl Bracelets bundle drop that they have listed on the site. $2.00 a fat quarter? Yes please! Even with shipping and exchange to Canada it’s a good deal for me. Plus, I can’t find these fabrics in my local quilt shops.

Pearl Bracelets Bundle. Photo from Massdrop.
The ribbons I received in the mail last week.
A month ago I joined the drop for Tula Pink Ribbons. (This was a birthday gift I chose to buy with some of my birthday cash.) I checked the price and it was lower per yard than the one or two websites I could find some of these ribbons on. And again it was an item I cannot find in Canada. Usually you have a week to join a drop. You do not actually pay for your items until the drop ends thus ensuring you get the lowest possible price. (The more buyers in the drop, the lower the price goes.) There are other things on the site as well such as electronics and tools but my primary interest is craft supplies. 🙂
Before that, I bought the Aurifil Thread drop for six spools of neutral threads. Again, with shipping and exchange it was still less expensive than driving 40 minutes down the highway to the closest quilt shop to me that stocks it. (Although, I do pick it up from them when I am in their town… I just don’t want to make a special trip just for thread.) All my items have arrived without any issues so I am a happy customer.
Disclosure: If you click on the link I have provided in the first paragraph and choose to buy it is possible I could receive a reward from Massdrop for promoting their site. However, I do feel it is a valuable service and that is why I have chosen to write about it on my blog.


  1. I love Massdrop! You got in on some of the buys I had been eyeing – they sure have great deals. I did manage to get in on the Wonderclip drop and see they have another Aurifil thread one happening. Such a great way to get our hands on items that we can't always get easily (or for such a good price) in Canada otherwise. Yay, Massdrop! :o)

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