Lua Sleep Sack – A Finished Project

I have been meaning to sew this for about three months now but I finally got it finished yesterday. It’s a “Lua Sleep Sack” for my new baby daughter. I used a pattern by Straight Grain Patterns. If you want to make one too you can find it on An’s website I found this pattern to be very well written and I had no problems following it. The most tricky part was putting in the zipper on the side but once I got it straight in my head by reading the instructions it was not a problem at all. I recommend this pattern (and no one has asked me to say that… that is from my own experience and opinion.)

I used Tula Pink’s squirrel fabric from her “The Birds and The Bees” line for Free Spirit Fabrics. The pattern has an option of sewing a lovely piping detail on the bodice but I opted not to use that on this one due to the large print on my fabric and also because I wanted to use some matching Tula Pink Ribbon that I bought especially for this project. This is size 0-6 months. I plan to sew more in sizes 6 months-1 year and 1-2 years. For this sleep sack I decided not to have batting between the layers as small/new babies have trouble regulating their own body temperatures. The lining is Bonnie & Camille’s Sundae print for Moda in flannel. For the larger sizes I will probably use batting between the layers unless the sleep sacks will be used in the summer.

Here is my little girl in her sleep sack. It is still way too big for her but she is growing fast. (Her feet are just  at the flowers below the big squirrels under the ribbon on the bodice.) I like sleep sacks because babies cannot kick them off and wake up cold. There’s already enough waking up in the night as it is! 🙂

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