A Thank You Gift for a Wonderful Doctor

It’s not everyday that you meet a person whom you feel you can immediately trust with your life and the lives of your children. A person who disarms you and puts you at ease almost effortlessly. This is the type of person who delivered my baby girl last month. I truly felt that everything was going to be fine. And feeling that everything was going to be fine was a big deal because my pregnancy was a surprise and I am no spring chicken. Anyway, I wanted to make a gift for this doctor because he did make my life so much easier just by being himself and being here and also because I believe if it weren’t for him I may not be here today to write this blog post.

Elephant Wall Hanging by Anita LaHay of Daydreams of Quilts

So here is the Elephant Wall Hanging that I have been working on this month. I was going for a South African feel as my doctor immigrated to Canada from there. I was inspired by a rainbow elephant that I saw on Pinterest. You can find that one in my Pinterest feed under the “Quilts” board. (Click the Pinterest link in the Mason Jars on the right side of the blog.) I am very happy with how this turned out. I wasn’t going to put an eye on the elephant but a couple of people who saw it felt very strongly that it needed an eye so I quilted it in. This quilt is about 18 x 20 inches. I gave this to my doctor today and it made him very happy so that makes me very happy. I think it is important to tell people how much we appreciate them when we have the chance.


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