WIP Wednesday – Being Responsible

Sometimes it’s so hard to be responsible and do what you should do instead of what you want to do isn’t it? Yesterday and today I’ve been cleaning my house. There has been a lot of sorting and clearing of clutter going on. My house isn’t terribly messy. I mean, it’s not to the point where I wouldn’t have anyone over. But lately things have been piling up on surfaces such as the coffee table and the top of the microwave… and my sewing table! It was getting to the point where I was wasting valuable, precious, glorious free time looking for things. So there’s been cleaning and no sewing! I have had to be tough with myself and not let myself do any fun sewing until the situation was under control. But now that everything is now in it’s place and I feel like I am back in control of “stuff” I am allowing myself to write this little post and then it’s back to sewing! Here are my two works in progress.

This is a lot of hand cutting that I did on Monday afternoon while my baby was napping. (There is fusible web on the backs.) I was pondering how I was going to keep all my colours organized because some of them are very close and I didn’t want them to get mixed up. I counted up my fabrics and there were 12. Aha! There are 12 cups in a muffin tin. Problem solved! This is for my Instagram Mini Swap so I can’t say too much more just in case my partner reads my blog. But more will be coming soon.

Sadly, my Halloween quilt did not get finished before Halloween. But there’s always next year! And every year after. I have almost 200 HSTs to trim up. I got a whopping 4 trimmed the other day before the baby woke up. So that’s another WIP I’ll be working on. You know how the rulers slip around and really mess up what you’re doing? If you see my little square there the “15”s are actually the back of sandpaper that I have stuck on there on the bottom side with two sided tape. Now my ruler is grippy and I didn’t have to go out an buy anything. 🙂

I am linking up with Freshly Pieced. Thanks for coming by to see what I am working on.


  1. I love the little color palette you have going in your muffin tin! I don't know what your project is…it seems a tad crazy maybe haha. But you're in good company 🙂

  2. Good for you for being responsible (I think?) Today I decided I would sew for a little while and then do some cleaning, and well, you know what happened…but eventually I started feeling guilty (ha, I just had to correct that because I wrote quilty!) and then rushed around cleaning bathrooms just before dinner (TV dinners, isn't that awful??). So I have nothing but admiration for you. Your muffin tin project is intriguing.

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