Sunday Stash – Christmas Edition

Hi! I forgot it was Sunday! Everyone in my house is off school and work for the holidays and all the days are blending together. It’s 5:15 p.m. here so it’s still Sunday. I have to show off my purchases that I have made with my Christmas gift money. It’s been a “Heather Ross” Christmas for me. I decided I could no longer live without some of the fabrics in the Lightning Bugs line and got busy searching the Internet for the best prices I could find. I also received a Chapters.Indigo gift card from my sister so I ordered two Heather Ross books too! Can’t wait for those to arrive. The sun went down here an hour ago so please forgive the flash photos.

The Banana Seat bikes from the “Lightning Bugs and Other Mysteries” line by Heather Ross. I found this on Etsy for the very fair price of just under $13.00 CDN a yard.

The dogs from “Lightning Bugs and Other Mysteries” by Heather Ross. Ordered with the bikes above at the same fair price. I love that tea cup chihuahua vibrating in his tea cup.

This is not Heather Ross but it is a Christmas gift. This beautiful fabric with the background in my favourite colour arrived from the beautiful Lori of Sew Psyched who was on a much deserved vacation in Hawaii. Thank you again Lori if you’re reading this! xo

This is the fabric of my most greatest desire. I now am the overjoyed owner of one fat quarter of the Fish in Bags fabric from the “Lightning Bugs and Other Mysteries” line by Heather Ross. I have wanted this fabric for sooooo long! I will be using the individual fish one by one from this fabric. I ordered this on Etsy from the UK at a fairly reasonable cost of $29.63 CDN including shipping. Well worth every penny but this fabric is like gold to me!

This is the Girls Playing with Horses from Heather Ross’ “Far Far Away III” line. It is printed on Kokka fabric of a linen and cotton blend. It’s heavier weight than quilting fabric and I think I will use some of it to make a book bag for my daughter. (Sorry it’s loading in sideways here.) I found this one on ebay and snapped it up for $22.13 CDN. This is a half yard cut.

I saw this feather fabric in a mini as part of the Instagram Mini Swap and asked the maker what the name of the line is. This is from the “What A Gem” line by Allison Cole. (There are gem fabrics in the line too.) I found these lovelies on Etsy and I hope to use them with projects involving embroidered and cross stitched feathers. (I apologize that this shot is a bit blurry!)

So there you have it… my Sunday Stash report on my Christmas gifts. Thank you to my Grandma and husband! I am linking up with Molli Sparkles for Sunday Stash. I mailed off some blocks for his Hash Tag Quilt project for “Sewing for Sydney” last Thursday before Christmas. I hope they reach him soon if they have not already. You can read up on the quilts he is sewing for the families of the Sydney shooting victims on his blog.


  1. Such cuteness!!! Must. Resist. Buying. More. Fabric…but I don't know if I can, seeing all of this complete goodness!
    (ps, mooches smooches, you're welcome 🙂 ) I hope to have a surprise headed your way, you know, sometime late this Spring or Summer or !! (says the hopelessly slow quilter) XX!

  2. I wanted the bikes for a while now, but didn't get any then saw the hula girls!!! I would not have been able to leave them in the shop. Cute stuff! Now where are you going to store them? LeeAnna at not afraid of color

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