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The good thing about ordering your own Christmas gifts online with your Christmas money is that they come in after Christmas is over. If your mail is like mine all the packages come in at once so it’s really like opening gifts on Christmas morning again. I think Canada Post saves up the packages in Edmonton and only delivers them to my town a couple of days a week so those days are extra happy mail days. Here is the remainder of my Heather Ross orders. I actually remembered to get photos while the sun was up today!

I ordered these from Heather Ross’ Spoonflower shop. The two on the left are Mendocino and the purple on the right is the frog prince from Far Far Away. I ordered them to be printed on Kona but now I am wishing I had ordered on poplin. This is my first time ever ordering from Spoonflower. The ink does not go right through the fabric. I think it is like it is literally put through a printer. So I’m not sure if it holds up to washing and wouldn’t want to try to find out. I think I will use these for backings on mini quilts in the swaps that I’m in on Instagram. That said, I would order from Spoonflower again for sure. There’s loads of great stuff on there.

Here are the precious gnomes from the Lightning Bugs line. I found this on EBay. Several of my swap partners love Heather Ross and gnomes so some of these little guys will go into swap projects. My sister also adores gnomes so I must make something for her too. (And me!)
I found the horses from West Hill by Heather Ross on eBay. Love these too! I did some quick sewing of a mug rug for the #festivemugrugswap as a swap angel because someone’s partner had to drop out of the swap. The person I was making for love horses so I cut a fat quarter off of this to send to her. She actually owns horses so I know it is going to a good home. I was feeling quite virtuous in sharing my precious Christmas gift but I know good things will come to me this year because I shared. 🙂 Plus, I think the recipient will be very happy so that makes me happy.
This did not make me so happy. I ordered a Heather Ross scrap pack on Etsy. The listing said she would take requests and I requested Lightning Bugs. When this came in I was like “Really? I paid $12 for this?” I was not impressed. So buyer beware I guess. When it says scrap pack you don’t really know what you’re getting. I started looking on the brighter side though and I think I can use some of these in hexagons for my Heather Ross and hexagon loving #rainsbowswap partner.
This Jungle Book piece really disappointed me. Clearly it is a piece of deconstructed pyjamas and you can see where the pocket seam was. Most of the images are not suitable for fussy cutting and if they are they have seam holes through them. Maybe I can do something with the upper middle part. 🙁 I will be wary ordering scrap packs in the future.
My #schnitzelandboominiquiltswap partner loves Mendocino so I set about looking for some for her quilt. This is what actually started me on my current Heather Ross obsession. I bid on two fat 16th bundles on eBay and no one bid against me so I won them both at the lowest possible price. Hooray! This is one of them. So now I don’t have to hoard save it because I have two bundles. 🙂
A closer shot. This centre piece is the focal fabric of my mini quilt. This print is called “Underwater Sisters”.
Before Christmas I won a collaborative giveaway on the Thread Riding Hood blog from Sherri of Thread Riding Hood and Daryl of Fabric Spark. I feel like I know these ladies just from interacting with them online and on Instagram even though I’ve never met them and they live in Toronto. I won a pattern kit and fabric to make four gift bags. I sewed this one up today for my husband’s birthday at the end of the month and it literally only took me 10 minutes.
You can see the four different projects in Sherri’s pattern above. I highly recommend this pattern. It is very well written and beginner friendly. Plus it has cute little hint icons and tips throughout to make sewing these bags super easy. You can find the gift bag kit HERE. Thank you Sherri and Daryl! 🙂

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  1. Really sorry that you had a 'duff' scrap pack, I've only ever bought from someone I know so never had that problem. Hurrah for no one bidding against you though on that other Heather Ross – well done. Love the bag for your husband, quick makes can be so satisfying.

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