Are you looking for swaps? Info about a Gnome and a Fairy Tale Mini swap

Hello. Some of my readers have expressed and interest in swaps so here are two that I know of that are taking sign ups this week. These are Instagram based swaps and you must have an Instagram account to participate. You need a smart phone or tablet (or in my case – an iPod) in order to use Instagram. It is a free app to download onto your device.

The first is the Gnome swap. The sign up form is on Kid Giddy’s blog here.

The second swap is the Fairy Tale Mini Swap. Go to the link in Sweet Penny Designs instagram profile by clicking this link. The link to the sign-up form is just under her name and profile info at the top of her Instagram page.

There are some questions about if you are willing to be a moderator/swap mama and/or a swap angel. In case you don’t know what those terms mean… a moderator/swap mama looks after a group of swappers when the swap gets too large for one person to manage everyone. I am a mama for two swaps right now. One has 79 people in my group and the other has 49. So it is a fair time commitment. A swap angel is someone who makes an extra swap package for someone whose partner had to bail out of the swap. You do not get anything in return for your angel package (except good karma!).

So, quick. Go sign up and become a swap addict like me! 😉 — Yes, I signed up for these (hangs head in shame!) I know Lori  @SewPsychd will shake her head at this. Ha Ha!


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