Zarzak the Toe Sock Creature

I made Easter Bunnies for my two daughters yesterday but they were a bit too cute for my 10 year old son. (He’s 10 today! Where did the time go!) I asked him if he liked this sock creature and he very enthusiastically said that he did so I got right to work.

This is Zarzak from the book “Make Your Own Stupid Sock Creatures” by John Murphy. He’s made from two rainbow toe socks and one regular navy blue sock.

I’ve had the book and Zarzak kit for about five years. Everytime I looked at it he seemed too hard to make. Once I started making him though and going step by step instead of looking at all the steps together he was actually very easy. I got him done in an evening! Thank you so much to Sew Mama Sew for motivating me to finally make this guy!

His long sock arms are fun for putting him into cool poses and getting him to “hold on” to things.

Here is my son, the birthday boy, still in his pyjamas and the very happy Zarzak recipient. When I went upstairs last night I went into my son’s room and pulled back the blanket and he was sleeping with Zarzak under his arm. Awww! Maybe he’s not growing up too fast after all. So heart warming for the maker!

This is my third and final entry in Sew Mama Sew’s Six Weeks of Softies Contest. Head over and check out all the cute softies that have been made!


  1. Squee!! I love it when they sleep with the makes!! Happy Easter to you and the fam!! XO!
    Ps, every time I see all that you do, I glance down at my cuppa and the cat and feel guilty… but it's not making me get more done!! ;0

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