Introduction to Daydreams of Quilts’ “Halloween Houses Quilt-Along” and a FREE Pattern

Introductory Post:

It’s only two months to go until Halloween. I have some lovely fabric here that has been carefully saved in my stash for over a year. Well, a few pieces from the same line were acquired this summer but the majority has been treasured for a year.

“Witch Hazel” designed by “October Afternoon” from Riley Blake Fabrics.

This is the “Witch Hazel” Line from Riley Blake. My most favorite print in the line is the text fabric but they are all fun. I want to sew a quilt with these that showcases the prints so I have written a FREE “Halloween Houses” Pattern. This pattern features 9″ blocks (8 1/2 inches finished) so I can really show off my prints.

Download free pattern: Halloween Houses Free Pattern

A Halloween House block. My Halloween Houses Free Pattern includes applique templates for doors and windows as well as directions for improv piecing windows, doors and a chimney.

Now, I spend a lot of time sewing alone which I enjoy but sometimes it’s fun to sew in a group. I would love it if my online quilting friends would join me in a quilt along. This will really help me to get this quilt finished for this year’s Halloween.

If Halloween is not your thing (or not a holiday in your country) you can pick a different theme. You could showcase your treasured Christmas prints. Make it in pastels to celebrate the coming of spring for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere. Make it in primary colors for a child’s bedroom. I will post weekly tutorials over four weeks showing different ideas for the blocks. I will link them all here on this “Halloween Houses” page. If I have an indication that some of you are with me I will host a linky at the end and I will come up with a fun prize for those who link up their quilt tops.

**Update** Wow! The response to this has been amazing! Thank you so much everyone! So far 48 people have downloaded the pattern and six have told me they are quilting along! I will put a post up each of the four Fridays in September and we’ll have a linky in October. Probably the middle to last half of October to give people time to finish.

I have created a hashtag on Instagram: #HalloweenHousesQAL

I haven’t told you how much fabric you need in the pattern because I wanted to leave it open for you to make whatever you want but if you need help figuring out how much you need just comment, email, tag me on Instagram… however you would like to contact me and I will help you. 🙂

So please, help yourself to my free pattern, grab the button for your blog and join me. If I have an indication that some of you are with me I will host a linky at the end and I will come up with a prize for those who link up. It’s all in fun! C’mon, what are you waiting for? 🙂


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  1. Thank you so much Ho Jack! I could not reply to you on email so I hope you will see this message here. I hope we will not have snow for Halloween this year but if we do we will have this warm quilt to keep warm under.

  2. Hi Anita, I'd love to give this a go, will be sewing slowly, will share my progress on my blog also. Thanks for the pattern I like the look of these. Will be changing the fabric and doing something not Halloween themed, not as big here.

  3. Hi Raylee!
    Fantastic! I am so excited to have you be a part of this. The pattern is extremely easy but everyone can change it up and put their own spin on it. It will be so fun to see how everyone does that. Yes, I've heard Halloween is not big in Australia. It's pretty big here in Canada. A lot of effort goes into one evening. Ha ha! Thank you for commenting on my blog and joining in this little bit of fun! I can't wait to see what you make.

  4. I'm in!!! What is the start date, and how large a variety of fabric should I assemble? And I don't have a blog, so may I share VIA IG? Thanks!

  5. Hi Marni!
    Wonderful! I am so happy to have you along! I can't wait to see what everyone makes! That's the best part of a quilt-along is seeing everyone's take on the project. 🙂

  6. Hi Anita. I am so happy to have you quilting along. I honestly wasn't sure anyone would even be interested so I hadn't written a schedule. I will get a WIP Wednesday post up later today with some ideas. I will write to you on IG as you are no-reply on the email I got from this comment. 🙂

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