Sewing my Daughters’ Summer Wardrobes with (mostly) Free Patterns

I took a little break from quilting last week because the mood to sew garments for my daughters suddenly struck! This is a rare event so I went all out. Here is what I made.

First I made a pair of Sunny Day shorts out of Cotton + Steel double gauze. These are for my 7 year old. You can find the free Oliver + S pattern here.

 I changed out my sharp needle for a ball point needle on my machine so I could sew some knits.

I made a pair of leggings out of Heather Ross Briar Rose knit. This was the last yard I had of this. This is a bought pattern from Oliver + S. You can find it here.

I should mention that although many of the patterns in this post are free I have bought many patterns from Oliver + S (5, I think) and their other labels (2 or 3). So I do have several bought patterns and I am very happy with them. It’s just that these free ones are what I was wanting to sew at this time. I would like to encourage you to try the free patterns and if you are happy with them to please consider buying some of the paid patterns. (This is not a sponsored post by the way. I just love these patterns!)

Then I made another pair of leggings with Art Gallery Fabrics knit. So soft! I really love how well these turner out!

This is the Popover Sundress made with my “Succulents” fabric made for my 19 month old. You can find the free Oliver + S pattern here.

I had a very hard time getting a photo of her in it so this is the best I could do. She kept crouching down whenever I lifted the camera.

Then I made a size 7 Popover Sundress for my older daughter but she was unhappy that her little sister got the more colourful Succulents fabric.

So I let her colour it with fabric markers.

Here it is all finished. I set the ink with an iron just to be sure.
Then I made two more pairs of Sunny Day shorts out of turtle fabric. One for each little girl.

Then I made a Ruffled Halter top for my older daughter. I hemmed the ruffle edges with a rolled hem foot instead of leaving them raw as the pattern suggests and I am very happy with how this turned out. You can find the free Oliver + S pattern here.

And here she is wearing it. 🙂 So cute! Now we just need summer.

Now I need to sew some Ice Cream Dresses. I have bought that pattern twice to get all the sizes. And another Ruffled Halter for the little one. But I have lost my sew-jo the past couple of days. Maybe I need to sew a quilt to get it back.

Thank you for coming by my blog today to see my garment sewing. 🙂

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  1. For me at least, having the free patterns from Oliver and S gave me a lot of confidence to buy their patterns, knowing the quality of the instructions. My daughter needs some shorts for summer, we'll need to go stash shopping…

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