Rainbow Scrappy Dino Baby Quilt

Hello again! My second blog post today… I’m on fire! 😉 Well, it’s better than freezing like I was when taking these quilt photos (see previous post for more weather details). Here at long last is a finished scrappy rainbow dino baby quilt!

I got the idea to make this quilt when I was in a quilt bee two years ago and the Queen Bee of the month asked us to make Wonky Star blocks like these ones. I do like those blocks and hope to make one of those quilts one day but they are time consuming. Shortly before that block request I had bought some dinosaur fabric intending to sew something for my Etsy shop. And now, two years later, I finally have. The dinos are in place of the wonky stars.

I tried to place the dinosaurs in different locations on the blocks and make them look like they were talking to each other or checking out some yummy fruit to eat (like the one in the yellow block looking at the bananas.)

The backing is the Lions from Cotton + Steel. Partly because it was a piece of fabric I had that was the right size and it also seemed to be a good fit. Lions are sometimes ferocious like how we imagine dinosaurs were.

There are strawberries on the fabric next to the dinosaur in the red block.

More strawberries in the blue block. If I were a dinosaur I would like strawberries! 😉

 A close-up of the fabrics and the binding. There are 144 three inch blocks in this quilt and 136 different fabrics.

Some oldies but goodies in here! And some brand new fabrics too.

I am thrilled with how this quilt turned out and I hope to make many more beautiful rainbow quilts in 2017! Thanks for stopping by today to see my quilt. 🙂

This quilt is for sale here.

Sold! Thank you!

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  1. It is really cute! It's also a great feeling when you can use a fabric that has been sitting in your stash for a long time too! Congrats on the second finish, using your stash…but get inside…it's cold out there!

  2. Thank you Jayne! 🙂 It is very satisfying using up scraps. I want to make another one now! It is crazy cold, especially with the wind. I had wanted to walk to a more scenic spot but there was no way that was happening. Ha ha!

  3. Super cute quilt. Stay inside and cuddle with a quilt to keep warm. Hubby just came back from a quick trip to the store and said "you know it's cold out there". lol.

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