Rainbow Pixel Heart in a Pixel Heart Quilt with Boundless Ombre Fabrics

I have finished my Rainbow Pixel Heart in a Pixel Heart Quilt! I love it! It turned out to be quite a bit harder than I thought it would be putting it together. I am not the greatest at doing puzzles so it took quite some time to lay it out. Then a small tragedy struck when my 2-and-a-half-year-old dragged her jacket through my quilt layout and I had to re-do it. It turned out alright in the end though.

This quilt is made with my Pixel Heart in a Pixel Heart pattern. The pattern includes a colouring page so you can figure out a rainbow quilt layout like this too.
I quilted the small heart with crosshatches because even though I used the lightest part of the ombre fabrics for the small heart and the darkest parts for the large heart I wanted to make that small heart stand out a bit more.

I quilted the large heart with vertical lines on either side of the seams. Then I quilted the background which is Kona Snow, Kona White, Kona Seafoam and a Kona Tan with stippling.

I had a lot of fun making this quilt even if I did have to lay it out twice! 😉

I’m off to pack it up and send it to it’s new owner! 🙂 Have a happy rainbow kind of day!


  1. Adorable the colours blended nicely. I live in Stony Plain let me know when you are in Edmonton (via messager). Would be great to meet you. Happy Quilting:)

  2. Hi Sheila! You're email doesn't show up as you are "no reply blogger" so I hope you see this message here! Thank you for your comment. Usually when I run into Edmonton I am racing to be back by school bus drop off but I know I'll be there for the Etsy Pop-Up at the Shaw Conference Centre in September for sure! 🙂

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