Toque, Eh? Quilted Pillow is out in Quilter’s Connection Magazine plus a copy to GIVEAWAY

Hello and Happy June 1st! June is my favorite summer month because my birthday is this month. 😀

The Summer edition of Quilter’s Connection Magazine is out this month too and my pillow “Toque, eh?” is inside! I realize toques are a winter garment but the theme of the issue is Canada’s 150th anniversary so that is why the toque (Canadian word for a warm woolen cap or hat) is in this issue.

I submitted this project back in December and a couple of toque blocks have come out in the meantime. Fortunately they are not the same as mine. 🙂 
The instructions and templates to make the pillow are in the magazine (starting page 26). Leave me a comment here for a chance to win a copy. Maybe tell me what’s an iconic symbol or word specific to your country. “Toque” and “Eh” are quintessential Canadian words.


  1. Very cute pattern! I'm from Texas so 'y'all' is heard everywhere and 'fixin to' means 'about to' as in "I'm fixin to pay bills and then I'm going to sew."

  2. I don't know actually. I'm not sure how much interest there would be as it is Canadian themed but Cheryl Arkison has a monthly column so that would be of interest.

  3. I would love to visit Texas some day. Texans seem very similar to Albertans to me. And I love Chip and Jo of Magnolia of course.

  4. Congratulations on being published. I'm not sure there is any one word or phrase that is used where I live that isn't common in other places as well.

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