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Hi Everyone. I am popping in today because in the near future there may be some navigation issues on this blog and I wanted to get a post up about it before it happens.

For my Navigation buttons at the top of the blog (Home, About, Shop and Tutorials) as well as the social media buttons on the side bar I host my button images on Photobucket and the images have links attached to take you to the various places on my blog or the web that the button is associated with. If you are on a mobile device you can’t see these anyway (which is another problem) unless you choose to view the web version of the blog but for those of you on a laptop or desktop you can see these buttons.

Photobucket announced on July 6th that they will no longer allow “third party hosting” on the images they host unless the person using their service (me in this case) pays them $400 US a year to upgrade their Photobucket account. They have been sending me emails the past couple of weeks that my Photobucket account is going to be restricted. This means that unless I pay $400 then my blog button images will no longer show up here on my blog.

I have been thinking of moving to a self-hosted WordPress blog for a couple of years and this is the kick in the butt I needed to do that. However, I wasn’t really budgeting for this at the moment so it is going to take me a month or two to get the new blog up and running.

In the meantime I am going to put all the affected links in the body of my blog posts so that people visiting can still get around. Feel free to click over and follow me at any of the social media links below. 🙂

Navigation on the blog:

Social Media Links:

I will put these links in the body of every post until I get the new, improved and more beautiful blog up and running. You will be the first to know the new blog address! 🙂

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