Morsel Lunch Bag in Heather Ross Fabrics a pattern review

I made a Morsel Lunch Bag over the Christmas break for my daughter. She kept coming home with her school agenda and homework soaking wet (usually with milk, yuck!) because her drink containers leaked in her lunch bag which leaked all over her back pack. A mother’s lament! This was generally due to carelessly stowing the drink containers in the lunch back either upside down or without closing them properly. Despite my many pleas to for her to be more careful. To fix this problem I made a new lunch bag and lined the inside with vinyl. No leaks so far this month!

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This lunch bag is made with the Morsel Lunch Bag pattern which is part of the Minikins Pattern bundle by Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness. The Minikins Pattern bundle is a fantastic bundle of patterns and each pattern has an instructional video. 

If you’ve seen Sara’s videos on YouTube you know how well done they are and they really help in understanding how the bags go together. The patterns also come with step by step photos and instructions.

I made my Morsel Lunch bag with my long treasured Heather Ross “Far Far Away” prints. Of course a unicorn needed to be featured front and centre because my daughter, like most nine-year-olds, loves unicorns.

The lunch bag has an awesome zipper gusset that is a great opportunity to feature another favorite fabric. I used the cute little snails from the line as you can see.

This bag did offer up a bit of a challenge for me in putting it together but I consider myself an intermediate bag maker and it turned out really well. I just followed the written instructions and photos because the video wasn’t released yet. All the videos are now out for the Minikins Pattern bundle.

I used insul-brite insulating fleece inside the lining to keep cool things cool and hot things hot while they’re sitting in her school locker waiting for lunch time. I also ironed an iron-on vinyl product onto the lighter prints that I used for my lining to make my bag water proof and prevent these exasperating leaks that we have been experiencing.

My daughter and I are both very pleased with the outcome of my project. 🙂 Find the Minikins Pattern Bundle at:

Thank you for stopping by my blog today! 🙂 Happy sewing!

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