The King Sized Swoon Quilt Takes Up My Whole Kitchen Floor

Hi! Well, this was quite the project let me tell you! But I am now very good at sewing Swoon blocks which for some reason used to boggle my mind. I have five more blocks to go on my own Swoon quilt (the regular 80″ x 80″ sized “Classic Swoon”.) This one is 106″ x 106″ and is made for my Aunt and Uncle’s King sized bed. As you can see it takes up my whole kitchen floor! (Don’t mind the dishwasher running in the background in the video.)

If you follow me on Instagram you saw all the blocks and their colour inspiration. The colours for these blocks are chosen from the artwork of Canadian artist Ted Harris. This was at the request of my Aunt and Uncle who love his artwork. The book of art I was using is called “O Canada” and has paintings of all the provinces and territories in Canada.

I am not about to attempt to quilt this massive quilt on my home machine so I took a little highway drive to the next town over and dropped it off for long arm quilting at the quilt shop there. While I was there I booked in my own Swoon so now I have even more motivation to get that 5 year WIP finished! (And I know I can do it now too!)

I will absolutely blog the finished quilt. Hopefully my husband and son can hold it up for me. They might need ladders though. 🙂

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