American Flag Heart Quilt and PDF Pattern

I’ve had the idea for this American Flag Heart Quilt for a few months and yesterday I decided I better hurry up and make it or it would be the Fourth of July and quilters wouldn’t have time to make it until next year. Click here to get to the pattern in my pattern shop.

American Flag Heart Quilt Pixelated Heart
American Flag Heart Quilt made with strips. It is also possible to make it as a scrappy pixleated heart quilt.

I cut it out yesterday at lunch. Pieced it yesterday afternoon and quilted and bound it this morning. And in between I wrote a pattern. So you can probably tell that this is a quick and easy quilt to make.

I quilted it with wavy lines to make it like a flag flying in the wind. I think this would be perfect to spread out on the grass for a fourth of July picnic and fireworks.

I had the fabrics left from a custom order for an American Flag quilt and you know me and my love for heart quilts…

My three kids came to help me hold up the quilt. They are very helpful most of the time. 🙂

American Flag Heart Quilt Pattern

The pattern to make this quilt is available on our Website and Etsy.

This American Flag Heart Quilt pattern is easy and quick to make. You can make it with strips of fabric for a really quick finish or you can make a scrappy patchwork pixelated heart quilt. Cutting and sewing instructions for both options are included in the pattern.

This pattern makes a 75″ x 65″ quilt. To make it 75″ square just add and extra background strip to the top and bottom of the quilt.

The PDF pattern is six pages long and includes computer generated cutting and piecing diagrams with written instructions. There are also binding diagrams and instructions for finishing your quilt.

Happy Quilting!

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