Canadian Summer Quilt Along Starts in One Week

Exciting news today! The Canadian Summer Quilt Along starts in one week on June 11, 2018! Start gathering your scraps so you can sew along with us. I have made all the blocks using my stash.  We have 16 blocks so you can make a 3 x 4 block quilt or a 4 x 4 block quilt. Read a bit more about it and check out the schedule on the main Canadian Summer Quilt Along page.

Canadian Summer Quilt Along Badge

I have an idea for sashing to share with you today as something to consider for finishing your top. This is completely optional but it will increase the size of the quilt.

My idea is to sash between the blocks with 6″ x 12″ (finished) Canadian Flag sashing blocks. And then just have 3″ vertical sashing strips between the vertical rows. I have done a little quilt layout diagram in EQ7 to show you this idea. I wasn’t planning on sashing above and below the blocks just between the four rows of blocks but I don’t know how to get EQ7 to let me show that so just ignore the top and bottom sashing rows (or go ahead and make that many flags if you like the top and bottom sashing).

Canadian Flag Quilt Sashing
Sashing Option to increase the finished quilt size of the Canadian Summer Quilt Along Quilt.

Here is my finished quilt top:

Canadian Summer Quilt Along Quilt
Anita’s Canadian Summer Quilt Along quilt with rainbow Canadian flags sashing.

If you like this idea and want to make flags for sashing you can use  this template: Maple Leaf Template

  1. Cut your centre squares 6.5″ from white fabric and the bars on either side 3.5″ x 6.5″ in the same colour as your leaf.
  2. Use the template to make fusible applique leaves using fusible web such as Heat n Bond. Place fusible web paper side up over the template and trace the leaves. Then fuse to the wrong side of your fabric following product instructions and cut out leaves with sharp paper scissors.
  3. Centre the leaves on the white 6.5″ squares and fuse in place again following product instructions. Blanket sitch or zig zag stitch around the edges. (Or leave to stitch when quilting.) Here is a link to a little YouTube tutorial video I made on how to hand blanket stitch.
  4. Sew the 3.5″ x 6.5″ rectangles to either side and press seams towards the rectangles.

And there you have your flags to sew between the blocks. This template also works for this Canadian Flag Pillow Tutorial and this Canada Day bunting flag tutorial.

The vertical sashing and border strips are cut 3.5″ by width of fabric. You will need 14 strips if you make a quilt with 16 blocks.

I hope you will join in and sew with us in the Canadian Summer Quilt Along.


  1. Looks like an exciting project! I really like the flag sashing. But if you want to eliminate the flags top and bottom — in EQ on the Layout tap, do NOT choose the “Sash Border” option. That will give you sashing only between your rows. Then make any adjustments beyond the edges of the blocks using Borders.

  2. I’m excited. I really want to do this. I’m still newish to sewing and haven’t done any quilting yet, but this looks like a great quilt to try out different techniques. Kind of scared, but looking forward to it!

    1. Yes, there are several techniques to try. Don’t be scared. 😀 There’s often more than one way to do a block too.

  3. Good morning from Latvia. Hope I can make this dream happening. I always wanted to try a quilt so here I am

    I would like to know if a list of supply will be done with approx amount of fabric for each color ? Thank you

    1. Hi Julie! I am happy you are here! There isn’t a supply list like there would normally be for a quilt pattern because there are so many different patterns in this quilt. Most quilters have a stash of fabric they can pick from but as you are new to quilting I realize you won’t have that. I would suggest getting a bundle of quarter yards if you can get one (known as a fat quarter bundle) and adding a precut bundle of 10×10 inch squares. That should give you a start. If you don’t have access to those then see if the shop will cut quarter yards (or quarter metres) for you of several different fabrics. My guess would be 3 yards of colours and 3 yards of background (white).

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