Greenhouse Quilt Along Week 2 Row 1 Plants

Welcome to the Greenhouse Quilt Along Week Two! This week we are sewing the plants for vertical row one.

Elizabeth Hartman is possibly a genius in my mind. This pattern is very complex and I am so impressed that she was able to write it in a way that makes sense for all of us to sew it.

She has clear instructions for cutting each fabric. If you labelled all your fabrics according to the fabric placement guide this will all make sense to you. (If you haven’t labelled your 10 x 10 inch colourful plant fabrics using the fabric placement yet then go ahead and do that first.)

If you haven’t downloaded the free fabric placement guide from Elizabeth’s website the links for both the pattern and the fabric guide are in the main Greenhouse Quilt Along post.

Remember to label your fabrics as you cut them so you don’t get confused later on. This is especially helpful if there will be a few days between when you cut the fabrics and actually sew them. So far my strategy is to cut one row at a time and sew it before I cut the next row.

Lisa is doing amazing sewing this quilt and posting in the hashtag on Instagram and she posted this photo of how she is keeping her colourful plant fabrics organized. She is cutting several rows at once. Give her a follow for Greenhouse Quilt inspiration!

Greenhouse Quilt Plants
Three of the Row 1 Plant Blocks. I just had these three sewn at “press time” for this blog post. These are the Aloe, Jade and Flower. The Prickly looks “trickly” but the cactus looks pretty easy.

Here is our first giveaway in the Quilt Along!

To enter: Publicly post your five plants for Row 1 sewn to their pots on Instagram and use the hashtag #greenhouseqal before next week’s blog post comes out on June 13th for a chance to win. The prize is my seam ripper enamel pin and seam ripper t-shirt!

(If you are not on Instagram please email me a photo of your five plants with pots to daydreamsofquilts (at) gmail (dot) com and I will post on your behalf.)

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