Greenhouse Quilt Along Week 3 Row 2 Plants

Here we go for week 3! This is getting a lot easier now. I think it will be smooth sailing from here on in. Each week we sew the same blocks just with different colours. I am sewing mine into their row as I go too so I can watch my quilt top grow (get it? plants… growing).

Greenhouse Quilt Along Row 2
This week’s Greenhouse Quilt Along Plants. These are not colours I would normally choose but they are going to be an important part of the overall effect of the quilt.

I am enjoying watching my plant collection grow. I hope you are too! Keep sewing along and we’ll have our quilt tops done before we know it.

Post your blocks in the hashtag #greenhouseqal on Instagram and/or share them in the Daydreams of Quilts Facebook Group.

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