Zeppelin Pouch Pattern Review in Bark Cloth

Zeppelin Pouch from the Minikins Bundle

I tried something new for my sewing project on Friday night. Darla at Clinton Modern Creative had sent me a half yard of bark cloth to try out. It took me a while to decide that to make with it but I finally made up my mind on a Zeppelin Pouch.

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Zeppelin Pouch made with Bark Cloth
Anita’s first try at the Zeppelin Pouch using bark cloth from Japan.

The Zeppelin Pouch is a bag pattern by Sara Lawson and is part of her Minikins Pattern/Video Bundle. I love this pattern bundle! I have printed them all out and I have them in a special fabric covered binder.

I haven’t tried all of them yet so sewing the Zeppelin Pouch was new for me. It is so helpful that the Minikins all come with instructional videos. They make it so easy to understand what to do. So I watched the video and then went ahead with sewing the bag. The way this bag comes together is very cool! Sara really amazes me with how some of these projects work.

The Zeppelin Pouch is perfect to make as a Dopp kit / shaving kit for men. I am going to try another on in cork fabric for Father’s Day. Leather would be perfect for this bag too! It’s great for a make-up bag as well and my nine-year-old daughter was happy to receive this one to keep her hair things in.

About the Bark Cloth:

Bark cloth is a very soft cotton fabric with a texture to it. The texture is basically small raised bumps on the weft and the warp of the fabric. It is a fairly loose weave similar to double gauze so it does fray pretty easily. That gave me a bit of trouble with the Zeppelin Pouch because in a couple of spots when I turned the bag the fabric had come loose from the seam and I had small holes in the outer bag. So I just tucked those in a bit (like a dart) and hand sewed those closed. I don’t think this will be an issue at all with cork or even with a tighter woven fabric such as quilting cotton. The bark cloth is definitely would be fine with a larger seam allowance and in garments. I think it would be nice and cool for a summer skirt or shorts.

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