Greenhouse Quilt Along Week 8 Row 7 Plants

Welcome to week 8 of the Greenhouse Quilt Along. I have caught up after I fell a week behind having sewn two rows this past week. My row 7 plants are all cut out with the cacti pieced.

My Row 7 Cacti block. 

I made a small mistake when I cut the wrong bottom corner on the large cacti but I’m going to leave it. It’s not a big enough problem to rip the block apart to fix it. This is what comes of sewing in a heat wave. Ha!

This row is made of colours that I love so that makes it more fun for me cutting and piecing the fabrics.

I hope you are coming along with your own Greenhouse Quilt. I saw Diane’s post in the Daydreams of Quilts Facebook group that she is making progress on hers. She and I both seem to sew on the same day. We are getting close to the finish now.


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