Who knew so many people love handmade pillow cases?

Handmade Pillow Cases

This pillow case post was the most popular post in a long time on both Instagram and Facebook. It’s not the most beautiful photo but the fabrics are beautiful and I think maybe the story behind it really resonated with people. So in case you missed my posts (or you’re not on those social media platforms) I am posting here on my blog as well.

handmade pillow cases
Handmade pillow cases I made for my Mom using Flourish fabrics.

The caption of the post said, “My Mom is my best customer and she ordered some#flourishfabrics from my shop. When I went to deliver them she handed them back and said she would like them made into pillow cases. This is a special service I provide free of charge to customers who gave birth to me. 😂 All of these fabrics designed by #miawhittemore are available in our shop. #windhamfabrics “

I think the caption hit home with a lot of people but also the look of the pretty floral pillowcases in bright colours hanging on the line.

How I made them:

To make these pillow cases I used this tutorial . I used French seams to ensure there is no fraying inside the pillow case. To do this I sewed the end and side seams of the pillow case with the fabric right side out with about an eighth of an inch seam. Then I turned the pillow case wrong side out and pressed the seams. I sewed the seams again using a quarter inch seam. Then turned the pillow case right side out again and pressed the seams again.

For the band I folded one long edge of the band down by a quarter inch and pressed the fold. I sewed the two short ends together with a 5/8 seam and then pressed the seam open. Then I pinned the band to the pillow case right sides together matching the side seams. I sewed that seam with a 1/4 inch seam and pressed towards the band. Then I folded the other long (folded) edge up to just cover that seam and pinned in place. I top stitched that folded edge in place which enclosed all the raw edges. This ensures the pillow case will not fray.

You can find all the fabrics I used in my shop.

I am thinking I will use Sugarplum fabrics to make Christmas pillow cases and will possibly even offer some pillow cases for sale this fall.


  1. They are beautiful and I love that you make special things for the one who gave birth to you! That is so funny! I’ve used the same pattern you did. It’s the best!!

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