Free Pixelated Skull Quilt Pattern

Good Morning! I woke up this morning to a rudely written message on Instagram that said, “Thanks for copying my pattern. Not cool!” on an image I had posted of this Pixelated Skull Quilt. I then received a couple of more very unkind messages from a different person who was not the original poster.

How many similar quilt patterns are there out there? Thousands! This pattern was created from scratch and was based on a photo of a perler bead creation actually. You can ask my husband and son who watched me work on it for hours and gave me their opinions and input when I asked them.

Anyway, the issue the people sending mean messages this morning seemed to have was that this was being used as an incentive to sign up for my newsletter. So in order to rectify that situation here is the pattern for all the world for free and you don’t have to sign up for anything. 🙂 I hope you all have a wonderful day.

ETA: People are still sending me messages about this. I did not copy anyone’s quilt pattern. Below is the photo I based my free pattern on. As you can see, it is not a quilt. Quilt inspiration is found everywhere.