Three Witches Embroidery Design for Spoonflower’s Design Challenge

The voting is now open in the Halloween embroidery design challenge on Spoonflower. I created a watercolour design of three witches at a cauldron and then went in on the computer and digitally added stitch lines and a quote. I bet you can guess it. It’s a famous line from Shakespeare.

This was a fun project. As soon as I receive my first print of this design in the mail and I’m sure it prints out well I will add this design to my Spoonflower shop. The best thing is you get four on a fat quarter so you could go in with friends or have extras for gifts.

Voting is open for a week on Spoonflower. Head over and check it out! There are a lot of fabric designs, which are cool, but they don’t fit the challenge (frowning face). However, I voted for 10 designs that are actually embroidery and I would be interested in stitching several of them. So fun!

Three Witches watercolour embroidery design by Daydreams of Quilts.

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