Crafting for Wildlife in Australia

The fires in Australia have been absolutely devastating to the people and the many wonderful animals who live there. It has been so heart breaking to watch the news and see the pain and suffering of the animals and people and feeling powerless to help. Thankfully the internet connects all of us and I have been able to find a way to put my skills to use to help.

The joey pouches and bat wraps (or Mumma rolls) that I have sewn so far.

There are two Facebook groups that I have joined this week. Animal Rescue Craft Guild and Canadian Animal Rescue Craft Group. In the “files” section of these groups they have the patterns for making bat wraps and joey pouches. They are in need of these items. Their “stoplight” graphic says they are not in need of koala mittens at this time. They also have knitting and crochet patterns too!

I made four bat wraps yesterday and posted in the Animal Rescue Craft Guild (the Australian group) to say that we are sending all our love from Canada and are working to help in any way that we can. The outpouring of thanks was overwhelming! I just wanted the people of Australia to know that we love them, their country and their animals and we want to help. I wasn’t expecting such a heart warming response but I should have known because Aussies are wonderful people.

The photo I posted that got such an amazing response.

When I was in high school we had several Australian exchange students and I hung out with them all that year. They were great friends!

A Harry Potter themed wildlife pouch I made this morning.

I had quite a bit of Harry Potter flannels left over from sewing pyjama pants for my kids for Christmas and I had two flannel baby blankets (Bonnie and Camille fabrics) from when my last child was a baby. So this has been a great use for those fabrics.

The first bat wrap I made yesterday.

The bat wraps are very easy (and fun!) to make and are beginner friendly. The joey pouches are also easy and I would say a beginner could make those as well. There are also tutorial PDFs in the Facebook group files.

Luckily for me my friend is the hub coordinator for Alberta and she lives about 200 feet from my house. She knows a man who is flying to Australia on Friday and she can get my animal gifts to him in Edmonton before he goes so they can be on the ground very quickly. I’m just going to sew some Sugar Glider pouches and then I will hand everything over to her. 🙂

Hopefully this post inspired you to help if you can.

Sending all my love to Australia! xo


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