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A Quick Baby Quilt Tutorial and Tips for Selling Quilts on Etsy

Welcome to The Daydreams of Quilts blog! I made a YouTube video today with tips for selling quilts on Etsy and included a free Quick Baby Quilt Tutorial.

My main takeaway tips from the video are:

-Make quilts that are quick and simple. Heirloom quilts will take a long time to sell as you have to wait for just the right buyer to come along and that buyer has to have an understanding of the value of the quilt

-Find ways to speed up the quilting process so you don’t need to charge as much for time. Some of my tips in the video are drawing guidelines on your sewing machine, chain piecing and machine binding.

I mentioned in the video a popular post on my blog about pricing quilts to sell and you can find that post here. It’s called 8 Ideas to Consider When Pricing Homemade Quilts.

I also mentioned in the video that I would create a PDF download of the Quick Baby Quilt tutorial so here is the download file for that.

Quick Baby Quilt Tutorial by Daydreams of Quilts.

I hope this post and video are helpful to you. Let me know in the comments or contact form if you have more questions or topics you would like me to make future posts and videos about.

Thank you for visiting my blog today.

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