DIY Your Own Grocery and Produce Bags

It’s the last day of “Plastics Free July” but that doesn’t mean we stop trying to use less plastic. In fact, we need to ramp it up with reusables! This week I published two YouTube sewing tutorials on my YouTube Channel for sewing your own!

Some of us, (ahem, me!) have a lot of polypropylene left in our sewing rooms from the big mask rush of 2020 so lets turn them into grocery bags in 2021.

I got my polypropylene here if you are looking for some.

The first video released was the grocery bag tutorial using polypropylene and bias binding.

How to Sew A Grocery Bag

You can find this video here on my YouTube Channel.

The second video was just released today and this one is for sewing mesh produce bags.

How to Sew a Mesh Produce Bag

You can find the mesh produce bag video here on my YouTube channel.

Have fun sewing and thank you for cutting down on single use plastic by using reusable bags! 🙂

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