How to Help Etsy Sellers in the Ukraine

All of us around the world are devastated by this week’s horrific events in Ukraine. We are wondering what we can do to help. This is one idea.

How to help Etsy sellers in Ukraine:

1. go to etsy-dot-com

2. type in search “digital file”

3. choose button “all filters”

4. scroll down and find “Shop Location” category

5. choose custom and type “Ukraine”

The result: in front of you are all the digital products of Ukrainian sellers. There are patterns, svg files and more. All of these products are automatically delivered to your e-mail, the seller does not have to post anything in real life, but she/he gets money to live on.

PLEASE buy something for yourself, for a friend as a gift or just for support. AND BE SURE TO SHARE!

Thank you!

I have also created a short YouTube video on this topic.

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