What’s New So Far for 2019?

Happy 2019! I’ve had a good break the past few weeks and am feeling refreshed. How is your new year going so far? I resolved to cut back on our plastic use this year. So far I am off to a great start! I have brought in reusable stainless steel straw sets to both our home and our online shop. I have also brought in reusable mesh produce bags as well and I’ve been using reusable grocery bags for a couple of years now. I must say, I have a great sense of pride when I’m buying my green peppers and tomatoes and I pull out my drawstring bag full of mesh produce bags. The kids are proud too and the stainless steel straws are a hit. My kids are very concerned about the environment and animal welfare.

These items and more upcoming this year can be found in the new Environmentally Friendly section of our shop. With these items I hope to help others meet their own plastic reduction goals and also inspire my fellow makers to make their own reusable items and solutions. 🙂

Straw Set at Daydreams of Quilts on Etsy.

I have been using small sample pieces of cork and fabrics that have been long-time residents of my sewing room and created 13 cork bottomed zipper pouches on a three day sewing spree!

This weekend I tried out the Metro Double Zip pouch pattern by Sew Sweetness which is this month’s Minikins Challenge bag. I have made three so far (one is pictured below) with three more cut out. These are available to purchase in my shop. I bought Minikins Season 2 with Christmas money from my father-in-law and there are several great patterns in there. I have one of the wallets cut out too.

Metro Double Zip Pouch.
Harry Potter Sew Along
The Harry Potter Sew Along starts this week on Kelli Fannin’s Blog called Seriously I Think It Needs Stitches. Being a huge Harry Potter fan I am very excited for this as are my kids. I am so happy Kelli is doing this because I was thinking of it but now I can just participate and have fun. She is teaming up with Lorna from Sew Fresh Quilts who is also running a Harry Potter Sew Along at the same time.

Kelli brought us the Minecraft Quilt Along a couple of years ago and my daughter is really on my case to finish that quilt. I have just one more block to sew so that is my goal for today.
What Else is New?
I have been checking off goals and have opened two new Etsy shops!

One shop is specializing in hair bows. My two daughters are excited about this one! My hair bow shop is called It Snows Bows. Also on Instagram @itsnowsbows

I also opened a paper crafting shop called Anita Loves Paper which is currently stocked with cute Valentine’s cards. So fare the Pizza and Beer and the Bacon and Eggs cards are the front runners for getting favourites. On Instagram too @anitalovespaper
Rainbow Button Hair bow at It Snows Bows.
Pancakes and Maple Syrup card at Anita Loves Paper on Etsy.

Hope your year is off to a great start too! Have a great day! 🙂

Good-bye to Craftsy, Hello to 2019

Pixel Heart Quilt

Hello! I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas had a wonderful day. We had a very nice day in our house, our kids were happy and the turkey supper I cooked was well appreciated by all so I was happy. 🙂

I am doing my usual end-of-the-year look back and planning ahead to the next year. 2018 was a bit of a strain but it was also our best year yet for Daydreams of Quilts and we learned a lot. We almost gave up when we were being hit by so many things that were out of our control but at the encouragement of customers, friends and family we have stepped back and taken a look at things and are making some changes which we hope will be good for our customers and for our family business.

One of those changes will be to say Good-bye to our pattern shop on Craftsy. I knew this day would come when Craftsy was bought out so I am not surprised that it’s happened. For those who don’t know, Craftsy had a free pattern marketplace. Designers could upload their PDF patterns and sell them on Craftsy for free. Craftsy did not take a cut and there were no fees (other than PayPal fees.)

Just before Christmas Craftsy (or Blueprint as I guess it’s now known) sent out an email to designers informing them that some pattern shops would be closed and some would be allowed to stay but not all of the patterns would remain in the chosen designers’ shops. In my email I was told I had been chosen to stay. However, when I checked my Craftsy shop today only one pattern remains. (The Pixel Heart in a Pixel Heart pattern.) So I will be closing my Craftsy shop and all PDF patterns can still be found in my Etsy shop. I did have a Shopify site for a couple of years but at $60 CDN a month any funds that came in from pattern sales were being eaten up by the monthly fee to have the website so I closed that site in October. We may revisit having an e-commerce site later in the year.

Daydreams of Quilts most popular pattern the “Pixel Heart in a Pixel Heart Quilt.”

Although Etsy has upset a few sellers with their recent fee increases (fees went from 3.5% to 5% on sales and postage) and changes to how payments are made (they now take all their fees immediately from the funds generated by a sale rather than billing at the end of the month) I feel that this way is more transparent plus I am happy not to owe them any money throughout the month. I can see exactly what I am paying Etsy for each item I sell now and can adjust my prices accordingly. So I am staying put on Etsy and am actually planning to open two more shops. More on that to come soon. 🙂

We will be offering some custom listings this year as well as some designs we plan to carry throughout the year (rather than one-of-a-kind). We hope our customers will like them. We have a few new pattern designs in the work as well.

Thank you for standing by our side and supporting myself and all the other pattern designers out there as we transition through these changes. Change can be stressful but it can also be a transforming force for better things to come. I am working on new product lines and ideas this week which I hope to have ready to show soon.

Have a Happy New Year!

Two Weeks Left to Shop our Clearance Sale and What’s next?

Hello! I hope this message finds you well. I am popping in today to give you an idea of what’s happening with Daydreams of Quilts and what direction we are moving towards in 2019.

Time is flying by this month! There are only two weeks left of our clearance sale on Etsy. We have most handmade items on sale 10% – 30% off and fabrics are 30% – 40% off. This sale ends November 30th. Items left after this sale will be gifted, donated or will go into my own stash. 🙂

Digital Patterns will continue to be available on Etsy and Craftsy.

We have learned so much this year and visited with some fantastic makers at the Etsy pop-ups. Those lovely ladies were so kind to share some insights into their businesses with me and it became very clear that we need to change our business model. I am happy to answer any questions you have if you are interested in that. Just shoot me an email or message me through the contact form on the home page.

I will be taking it more slowly for the next few months as I have a surgery (gall bladder) coming up but watch for new and different things happening with Daydreams of Quilts in 2019. Newsletter subscribers and blog readers will be the first to hear any news.

We are discontinuing quilting supplies and handmade quilts, bags and wallets but have many different ideas for products and possibly even a whole new business. Christmas Stockings will come back seasonally. We are definitely looking to environmentally friendly choices in our approach going forward. I do have more quilt pattern designs in the works as well.

The blog will continue but at a slower pace over the next few months. It has been a pleasure to serve the quilting community. I wish to thank all of you who have supported my business, my family and myself so much. You have been wonderful!

We have one last show coming up this weekend for Daydreams of Quilts. We will be at the Made in Alberta show at the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton, Alberta this weekend. I hope you will stop by and say “Hi” if you come.

Thank you again for your support this year and have a wonderful Holiday Season!

The Mint Lifesavers Mini Quilt made with Circular Logic

I was thrilled and honoured to be asked to sew a quilt with the upcoming Circular Logic fabric line by Uppercase for Windham fabric. I’ve been meaning to write my Lifesavers Pattern for quite some time and this was the perfect line for it! My mini quilt is part of the new Look Book for Circular Logic. This third Uppercase line will be available in early 2019.

Lifesavers Mini Quilt
Mint Lifesavers Mini Quilt made by Daydreams of Quilts. Photo by Uppercase for the Circular Logic Look Book.

This pattern is perfect for fussy cutting fabrics and would make a fun full sized rainbow quilt too! I would call this an advanced pattern. It gives two options for the centres of the circles. You can sew the circles as inset circles, as I have, or applique them with a 1/8th inch top stitch.

The Lifesavers Quilt pattern is 25% off on Etsy through the end of the month.

The Banksy Mini Quilt and Its Subsequent Destruction

Well! The news was interesting today wasn’t it? I checked my phone while brewing my coffee first thing this morning and was immediately intrigued by the Banksy story. I am a fan of his art and so I immediately clicked in to read.

I was fascinated all day and then when he posted a video on his Instagram account I decided that I had to make a mini quilt and destroy it in admiration and tribute.

Banksy Mini Quilt
The Banksy Quilt by Anita LaHay. Appliqued Kona on Kona with embroidery. Inspired by Banksy’s “Girl With The Red Balloon”

Then, with my iPhone on a holder and with my rotary cutter and shaking hands I cut up the mini quilt! See the video below on my YouTube channel. All in all… a creative and fun day!

Destroying the Banksy Mini Quilt Video

My Happy Place Row Along

Welcome to Daydreams of Quilts’ day in the My Happy Place Row Along. I am thrilled to be able to share my row with you!

My happy place has always been the mountains in Jasper National Park here in Alberta so of course my row had to depict something from there. I chose Pyramid Mountain at Pyramid Lake for the subject of my row.

I am so thankful to Northcott Fabrics for sponsoring the row along and providing fabric to all of the designers. The fabrics in my row are from Northcott’s Naturescapes line. These fabrics are available in quilt shops now.

Mountains Quilt Row
Mountains Applique Quilt Row designed by Daydreams of Quilts using Northcott Naturescapes fabrics and Kona for the lake.

Below is the photo I used for my design. This was taken during a family hike in May 2017. It was a cloudy day so the lake looks grey but on sunny days it can have a bright turquoise colour. I used Kona for the lake in my row.

Pyramid Mountain on Pyramid Lake Jasper National Park, Alberta Canada.

Here is another photo of Pyramid mountain as seen from another favourite spot on Lake Edith in Jasper National Park.

Pyramid Mountain as seen from Lake Edith.

Click here for the free pattern download – Mountains Applique Row Pattern by Daydreams of Quilts

Giveaway Prize:

Marian, the host of our row along, has lined up many prize sponsors. Click here to enter today’s giveaway on the Rafflecopter! Opens September 27th and Closes October 4th. Today’s giveaway prize is Tuscany Supreme Cotton batting twin sized. A $30 US value. This prize will ship worldwide from Hobbs Batting. Product descriptions for all the giveaways can be found here.

This giveaway has been sponsored by Hobbs Batting.

Thank you so much to Marian and all the My Happy Place Row Along sponsors! Have fun sewing!


Etsy Made In Canada Edmonton

This will be our second year at the Etsy Made in Canada Show in Edmonton and we are looking forward to it! The Edmonton show is the largest Etsy Made in Canada show in the country!

Etsy Made in Canada September 29 and 30th at the Shaw Conference Centre.

We have bags, wallets, Christmas stockings, tree skirts, table runners, quilts and pillows! Over the next few days I will be working on Crayon wallets too! Those are great for keeping kids entertained in a pinch when you’re out.

Save the Shipping: If you are in the Edmonton area and are planning to attend the show you are welcome to place an order now in our Etsy shop and pick it up at the show. Just write me a note to seller at checkout letting me know you want to pick it up and I will refund your shipping. This includes our supply section clear out as well! Fabric, books, Elizabeth Hartman patterns, Wonder Clips and more are 20 – 40% off.

We will be shutting down our Shopify site soon so we are directing our customers to our Etsy shop.

We have put all 34 of our digital PDF patterns on Etsy on sale 20% off starting today through Sept. 30th. (Patterns will continue even though we are clearing out supplies.)

All ready-to-ship quilts are 15% off on Etsy now through Sept. 28th.

As always my family and I thank you for your support of our small business. We hope to see some of you at the Etsy show!

Paint-By-Number Quilts 4 Animal Appliqués

Hello! I am thrilled to be here today to tell you about “Paint-By-Number Quilts” the new booklet written by my online friend, and fellow quilter, Kerry Foster and published by C&T Publishing.

Kerry is well-known as Penny Dog in the quilting world and she is originally from the United Kingdom. She is now a fellow Canadian and Albertan living in my old stomping grounds of Calgary, Alberta.

When Kerry said she was writing a ‘how-to’ on her Paint-By-Numbers quilting technique I was so excited for her! I have long admired her amazing animal quilts.

animal quilts
Paint-By-Number Quilts by Kerry Foster

The best part is that Kerry has already figured out how to make these quilts happen and she tells us all how to do it with concise, easy-to-understand instructions with step-by-step photos.

Each of the four patterns in the booklet has a colour key which is printed right along the edge of the page for easy comparison to the fabrics in your stash. So you can easily choose fabrics for your project. Each colour is also assigned a number which corresponds to it’s placement in the quilt layout. So you can’t go wrong! Just number your fabric choices with the numbers in the colour key and you’re all set.

The Grizzly Bear Wall hanging in Paint-By-Number Quilts by Kerry Foster.

I love the Grizzly Bear Wall Hanging! I’ve seen a few of these in the wild (grizzly bears, not wall hangings). Most memorably, one time in Jasper National Park when I was a young teenager, my family and I were having a picnic, of salmon sandwiches of all things, while a grizzly bear was nearby. I even said to my Mom, “Do you think it’s a good idea to eat salmon sandwiches with a grizzly bear nearby?” But my parents said the bear wasn’t bothering anybody and he was a ways away.

He was going about his business when suddenly he must have caught a whiff of our lunch because he stopped, raised his nose in the air and then turned directly towards us. Five people never cleared a picnic table and climbed into a station wagon so fast!

Anyway, I would love to make this bear wall hanging and am glad I’ve lived to have the opportunity to do so. (And I don’t even like salmon!)

Kerry’s booklet has all the pattern pieces needed as well as layout diagrams for each of the four projects. Detailed instructions are given for every step of the way from choosing fabrics and preparing to cut all the way to quilting the finished quilt top. Of course, you can use the techniques you learn from the booklet to create Paint-By-Number quilts from your own photos. (Sadly it didn’t occur to me to take a photo while running for my life with my hated salmon sandwich in my hand.)

Raccoon mug run from Paint-By-Numbers Quilts by Kerry Foster

A good project to begin with would be this adorable little Raccoon mug rug. You can get the hang of the techniques before embarking on a larger wall hanging. I have raccoon stories too from when we lived in Vancouver and New Brunswick… they all involve garbage cans.

Anyway, if you’re searching for something fun and new to try I recommend picking up a copy of Paint-By-Number Quilts and learning Kerry’s techniques for animal appliqué quilts. It is expected to be available in stores by the end of September or check C&T Publishing. Amazon will have it early too. The booklet is 32 pages long.

Kerry will be releasing some additional Paint-By-Numbers Quilts patterns to coincide with the booklet release so keep and eye on her Instagram account and blog for information on that!

Disclosure: Kerry asked me if I would be interested in reviewing her booklet and I jumped at the chance. I was given a digital review copy in order to write this blog post. I was truly impressed with the booklet and the quality of the instructions and projects. All opinions expressed here, including my hatred of salmon sandwiches, are my own.