Briar Rose Quilt Design Competition – Please Vote

Tomorrow is the day that voting opens in the Briar Rose Quilt Design Competition on Threadbias. Here is the quilt that I designed using their quilt design tool. I am calling it “Bumble Berry Paradise.”

Contestants were to design a quilt using the fabrics from the upcoming fabric line “Briar Rose” by Heather Ross for Windham Fabrics. The designs were to be created using the Threadbias quilt design tool. I really enjoyed using the tool and will buy a subscription in the future to design more quilts with it. The prize for the winner is the fabrics to make their quilt. So please go vote at Threadbias tomorrow. I would love it if you would vote for mine but if you love someone else’s quilt please vote for the one you want to win. You must be a member of Threadbias to vote but it’s free to join up and it’s an interesting website. It’s mainly for people who like to craft with needle and thread kind of like Ravlery is for knitters. I hope you’ll go vote! 🙂

My quilt has purple cone flowers appliqued on the quilt top. The yellow fabric has honeycombs and little bees so it was perfect for the flower centres. The border fabric has adorable little frogs on logs and fishing in their frog pond. I added the zig zag down the side for a more modern pop and a bit of interest. It also balances out the weight of the cone flowers which I offset to the left. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my quilt design. Come back tomorrow as it’s “Give Away Day” (see button at right) and I will be giving away fat quarters and patterns from my stash.

Quilt Tops

I have two quilt tops finished. These represent April’s work. Both are waiting on payday to buy supplies needed to finish the quilts.

This is my Bloom Bloom Pow quilt all sewn together. I just finished it this morning. I need to trim the sides to make straight edges. Then I need batting, backing and binding. I am thinking I will hand quilt this one so I can have the stitches on each bloom match the fabric. It will likely be quite some time before this quilt is officially finished. I plan to sew a rod pocket on the back to have it hang on the wall in my craft room.

Here is the work so far on my Father’s Day Quilt for my Dad. It is fishing and outdoors themed and all done in flannels. (Not flannelette mind you, that is not a good quilting choice. But flannel from a quilt shop is.) I will do the borders, binding and backing in flannel as well and plan to have bamboo batting. This quilt will be so soft and cozy. I will post close-ups when it is finished. I am also sewing another one very similar to this for my husband for Father’s Day. Thank you for stopping by my blog today to see my works in progress. There is no snow on the ground in these photos! And we had the first bar-be-que of the year yesterday! Could it be that spring is finally here?!

Bloom Bloom Pow Layout

I have my Bloom Bloom Pow quilt laid out and ready to sew into a quilt top! 🙂

I’m going to try to get the quilt top completely sewn together tonight and ready for the last set of instructions tomorrow. It’s so exciting when it all comes together.

Progress on the Bloom Bloom Pow Quilt Along and a finished Honey Cowl

I have been working hard on my Bloom Bloom Pow Quilt Along quilt in order to keep up with the group. I do not want to fall behind. This weeks instructions were easy to complete in a few hours today. Here is this afternoon’s work.

Many, many triangles cut and ready to sew.

Last week’s strip piecing took quite a bit longer and there were times when I didn’t think I was going to make it. It seemed to take forever and was very tedious. But I made it through!

I am also working on a Father’s Day quilt but I have no photos yet. And yesterday morning I started and finished my design for the “Briar Rose Quilt Design Contest”. I got it done while my little girl was at playschool. I will post a photo once voting opens in the contest. I am quite happy with how it turned out. It was my first time using the quilt design software at Threadbias and I am sure I will sign up for a subscription and start using it very soon. It was quite an enjoyable experience.

My daughter and I went for a bike ride yesterday.We had to wear our winter coats as it is still quite chilly around here. The temperature is above zero degrees but the wind makes it feel like it is below zero. I also wore my new Honey Cowl. I ran into a bit of trouble and wasn’t sure how to get out of it so I bound off and I have a shorter cowl but I learned the pattern which was my main goal. I am now awaiting some Madelinetosh yarn that I ordered from Etsy and will begin again on the “for real” project.

I hope it warms up soon. This is the coldest spring ever I think! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

Work In Progress

I finished one block of my “Fireworks” quilt. It is a Thimble Blossoms pattern. It’s taken me all week. My husband is working a lot so productivity is suffering in the crafting department. But productivity is way up in the mothering department. 😉

Here it is. The first block. The centre square and four corners are supposed to be of a different fabric but I messed that up. (This is what comes of quilting after you finally get the kids to bed and you’re tired but you really want to accomplish something.) I was going to tear out seams but then I looked at the other fabrics I’m using and decided to leave it as is. I think this looks better than having another one of my fabrics in the same block. So, that’s one down, 15 more to go. It’s going to be a while before I have a finish to show on this one.

Work continues on my “Bloom Bloom Pow” quilt along project. If you want to get in on this one there is a link on the right hand side of my blog. Here are all my strips cut and organised. Now I can start piecing.

But first I need to get my little girl to playschool, pick up a prescription for my son and buy some groceries. Maybe I’ll get to the sewing machine this afternoon?

A Spring Dress and Earrings

Well, Spring Break is over. My husband was home for the whole break so he was playing with our kids a lot and I got a lot of crafting and sewing done. It was lovely. I made this little dress for my daughter.

This is the “Ice Cream Dress” by Oliver + S. You can buy the pattern at their website. Here is a shot of the back of the dress.

I’ve had the butterfly fabric for years. It was just waiting for the perfect project I guess. I am going to make another one with cupcake fabric and cherry red accent fabric.

I also made these adorable bird’s nest earrings for my Mom for Easter. I learned how to make them at this wonderful blog. My Mom loved them!

So here’s hoping the sun keeps shining today and the snow keeps melting. I see the Magpies are busy building a nest in a tree near our house so baby birds must be coming soon.

Oliver + S Ice Cream Dress Blouse

I was hard at work this morning sewing this little blouse for my daughter. I wanted to make sure the size 4 still fits her before I sew her some summer dresses. I’ve had this pattern for a couple of years and size 4 is the biggest one in the envelope. I think I will order another one though with the bigger sizes because these dresses/blouses are so cute!

Here is the front view with my little fashionista modelling.

And here is the rear view. It took my three hours to sew this from start (pinning and cutting) to finish (sewing on the button). If you want to buy this pattern you can find it on the oliver + s website and it is called “Ice Cream Dress Pattern”. The fabric I used is an oldie by Fig Tree & Co. that came out a few years ago. So now I can use up some of my stash for little summer dresses. Bring on the warm weather. (Please?)

Ruffle Fish Net Scarf

I knit this scarf in one day! It helps that it’s spring break and my husband is home to help entertain the kids. But still… it went pretty quickly.

Here is a dorky picture of me modelling it (Ignore me please and just look at the scarf.) It’s in colours that I love but I don’t think it’s really my thing. I’ll see if my aunt would like it as she loves these ruffle scarves. I received this ball of yarn for my birthday but it had no ball band on it so I didn’t know what it was called or how to knit with it. I went on You Tube and found a video by Webs that showed me how. This is the link here. So that’s what I’ve been up to today. It’s been a productive day.

My Bliss Quilt – Fouth Finish of the Year

I finished my Bliss quilt last night and just took some photos to post. These are hot off the SD card.

The fabric in the body of the quilt is “Bliss” by Bonnie & Camille for Moda. The border fabric is a Kona solid by Robert Kaufman and the binding is a leftover piece of double wide from another quilt. I quilted the charm squares in the centre with meandering stipple quilting and the borders are quilted with stones and pebbles. I think this is the most quilting I have ever done on a quilt.

The is the fourth quilt I have finished this year and the third (and last) super easy charm square quilt. I am now onto more challenging projects now that I have cleared up some of my fabric stash. I love the colour combinations in this “Bliss” collection and I searched all my local quilt shops for this fabric. I was unable to find it so I checked on eBay and found two charm squares which I immediately purchased from the United States. I held onto them for a year or two being unsure what to do with them. In the end I just used them as they were. As soon as this quilt was finished I was going through “Bliss” withdrawal and again checked eBay for these fabrics. I did see a kit but the price was a little high. Maybe I’ll check again later.

I backed this throw size quilt with fabric from the “Cotton Blossoms” line by Bonnie and Camille for Moda which I was able to find in a local quilt shop. It’s pattern is the same as some of the fabrics on the front it just has different colours. I am thrilled to have completed this quilt which is “just for me”. Looking at it makes me want to redecorate using the aqua and red with a neutral. We are expecting to move with my husband’s career in the summer so maybe I will do that in the next house.

The impending move is what has spurred me on to complete many projects as the prospect of having all my craft supplies packed up has me feeling a bit anxious. Maybe I’ll pack the most important things in Rubbermaid bins and take them in the van with me instead of entrusting them to the movers. What am I saying “maybe” for? I know that is what I will do! I guess I should stop writing and get back to all my projects (and cook supper for my husband and kids too). I am currently a bit  obsessed with learning how to knit socks. Hopefully there will be progress on that to post about soon. Thanks for visiting my blog today.

Started New Projects

It’s the first day of Spring Break here and I’ve started two new projects plus decided to do another quilt-a-long.

I started knitting the “Honey Cowl” after reading about it on Angela’s blog Fussy Cut. I am loving this pattern! I’ve ravelled it here and here is a photo of how much I’ve done so far today.

You can download the pattern from madeline tosh for free. I intend to track down Madelinetosh yarn but in the meantime I am knitting with Martha Stewart 100% merino which I got on clearance at Michaels for $1.99 a ball.

This is my first time knitting in the round and I had one false start that turned into a necklace for my daughter. But all is well now and I am actually finding this easy! 🙂

I also started this fish cross stitch sampler which I hope to have done for my Dad in time for father’s day. Shhh! Don’t tell him! 😉 This magazine is from 1989 and was given to me by a friend of my Mom’s years ago. I just now bought all the thread colours and got started. I haven’t cross stitched in years and my kids have never seen me do it so they were quite fascinated watching me last night. (Part of that may have been stalling on bedtime though.) I can’t wait to get to the Rainbow Trout. He’s next after the Walleye that I am stitching first. With the massive tonne of snow that fell yesterday this cross stitch pattern is really making me long for summer fishing trips.