Canadian Summer QAL Week 3 Bonus Impressions Block

Welcome to the Week 3 Bonus Block in the Canadian Summer Quilt Along!

This week’s Bonus Block is the Impressions Block by Christine from Sew Coole.

Christine has some time saving techniques in her free pattern for this block. You can choose to use them or piece the block as you prefer. I ended up piecing the block traditionally without using the time savers. I also flipped the bottom row of my block around because I wanted it to look like mountains surrounding a lake or a river in a valley based on the fabrics I was using.

Impressions Quilt Block
Anita’s interpretation of the Impressions Block using Northcott Naturescapes Fabrics and Kona solids.

Here’s another note from Christine:

Hi again, friends! I’m back with another block that’s subtly inspired by the beautiful Canadian Rockies. I love spending time near the water in the mountains, seeing the mountains reflected in surfaces that are so calm, it’s almost glass-like. For me, this block is about the ever-present impression left by the mountains and those beautiful glacial-fed lakes and rivers.
Photo by Christine McCourt Reid.
The pattern is available on Craftsy  and will remain a free pattern; it actually makes a cool quilt if you were to use this block on repeat (I might need to do that one day!). And the you can actually switch up the direction of your flying geese (pointing up or down), and it still looks awesome.
Like my previous block, I am giving away a beautiful bundle of @uppercasemag fabrics to one lucky maker. All you have to do is make this block and post a pic of your creation by July 7, being sure to use the hashtags #CooleImpressions and #CanadianSummerQuiltAlong. A winner will be chosen at random on July 8.
Happy sewing, my friends! Can’t wait to see what you all create.
– Christine
Visit the main Canadian Summer Quilt Along post for links to all the blocks that have been released so far and a list of prizes in the Grand Prize package.

Canadian Summer QAL Week 3 Peaks Block

Mountain Peaks quilt block.

Welcome to Week Three of the Canadian Summer Quilt Along!

This week’s block is the Peaks block brought to you by Christine from Sew Coole and Christine is guest posting on my blog this week.

This is my version of the Peaks block made with Kona Cotton Solids. I love the mountains and try to get away to them as often as possible so this block is near and dear to my heart.

Mountain Peaks quilt block.
Anita’s version of the Peaks Block in the Canadian Summer Quilt Along.

Without further ado, here is Christine!

Hello Quilters! I am really so delighted to be a part of the 2018 Canadian Summer Quilt Along. I have long been a fan of Anita’s beautiful quilts and her blog, so I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of this quilt along she was creating.

I am so proud to be Canadian, and love to share that fact, so things like this all-Canadian quilt along are right up my alley. Canada Day is my very favourite holiday (well, OK, second favourite, because Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year), so I’m super-duper excited to have my two blocks coming out in this week leading up to Canada Day. (Full disclosure: probably part of the reason I was initially so drawn to Anita’s work is how she makes such beautifully patriotic pieces. How could you not love it?)

As a girl who grew up on the Prairies, we were only about a 4.5 hour drive from the Rocky Mountains, so it still amazes me that it took until my late teens to actually make it there to see them in person. And I fell in love, hard and fast, as soon as I saw the majestic beauty of those mountains from a distance, and then even more so as I saw them closer up.

Canadian Rocky Mountains
Photo of Canadian Rocky Mountains by Christine McCourt Reid.

I still marvel at the mountains every time we visit (and am delighted to be celebrating Canada Day in the mountains this year). So because of this, both my blocks are mountain-inspired.

Canadian Rocky Mountians
Photo of Canadian Rocky Mountains by Christine McCourt Reid.

My first block pattern, released today on Craftsy is Peaks, and it’s a simple block with some half-square triangles and flying geese… nothing too intimidating!

Peaks Quilt Block by Christine of Sew Coole.

I’m looking forward to seeing your interpretations of this block pattern!


For everyone who makes the block by July 7 and posts it on Instagram with the hashtags #CanadianSummerQAL and #CoolePeaks, I will be doing a random drawing for a 5 fat-quarter bundle of Uppercase fabrics.

Uppercase Fabrics giveaway from Christine of Sew Coole.

In keeping with our Canadian theme, these fabrics are designed by Janine Vangool – creator of Uppercase Magazine, and super-cool Canadian (the magazine is a really great resource for all you creative types out there, you should check it out if you’re not already familiar with it).

Be sure to check back on Thursday when my bonus block will be released (hello, flying geese and QSTs!). Thanks for sewing along with us!

  • Christine

—> Visit the main Canadian Summer Quilt Along post for links to the blocks that have come out so far and for the list of prizes in the grand prize. The Grand Prize will be drawn on Labour Day from quilt tops posted in the hashtag #canadiansummerqal on Instagram.



Canadian Summer Quilt Along HST Wheat Bonus Block

Welcome to our second bonus block in the Canadian Summer Quilt Along. I came up with several wheat block designs and decided to offer two of them in the quilt along. This one is the Half Square Triangle (HST) Wheat Block which is an alternative to last week’s curve pieced wheat block. Of course you can make them both if you wish.

pieced wheat block
Traditional Half Square Triangle Wheat Quilt Block.

This block represents the head of a shaft of wheat once again and is a tribute to our many Canadian grain farmers and food growers.

Download this free pattern here – CSQAL HST Wheat Block. I hope you are enjoying the quilt along! Visit the main quilt along post to see the full schedule and a list of prizes and sponsors for the grand prize.

The grand prize will be drawn on Labour Day from all the quilt top photos posted in the hashtag #canadiansummerqal on Instagram.

Canadian Summer QAL Week 1 Curved Pieced Wheat Quilt Block

Hello! Welcome to the first bonus block of the Canadian Summer Quilt Along! This week’s bonus block is the Curved Pieced Wheat Quilt Block. There are a few bonus blocks because we wanted to give you some options.

This bonus block is designed by Daydreams of Quilts (that’s me!) and is a curved pieced block representing the head of a shaft of wheat in homage to our many Canadian grain farmers.

Curved Pieced Wheat Quilt Block:

Wheat Quilt Block
Anita’s curved piece wheat block for the first bonus block of the Canadian Summer Quilt Along.

There is a link in the PDF pattern for this block to my curved piecing tutorial on YouTube. I hope you enjoy and have fun making this bonus block!

This pattern is a free PDF download here – CSQAL Curved Pieced Wheat Block

Please share your blocks on Instagram and Social Media with the hashtag: #canadiansummerqal

Not a fan of curved piecing? There’s another wheat bonus block coming soon that does not use curved pieces. But give this one a try! 🙂

Canadian Summer Quilt Along Quilt
Anita’s Canadian Summer Quilt Along quilt with rainbow Canadian flags sashing.


To enter to win a copy of my ebook “A Year of Pixel Heart Quilts” post your Curved Pieced Wheat block in the Instagram hashtag #canadiansummerqal before the next bonus block comes out on June 21st.

Visit the main Canadian Summer Quilt Along page for the quilt along schedule and list of prizes and sponsors.

Canadian Summer Quilt Along Week 1 Horse Shoe Block

Today is the day! The official kick off of the first ever Canadian Summer Quilt Along! I asked 11 Canadian block designers to join me in designing 12 inch quilt blocks on the theme of “something we love about Canada.”

Today’s block is designed by Jenn McMillan of Fabric, Ink. Jenn has also developed a product for hand sewing called Sew Fine Thread Gloss that you may find helpful when making this block.

Jenn’s block is a horse shoe block which she chose as her block theme because she has fond memories of her family’s horse shoe tournaments at their family reunions in the summer.

My fusible applique version of the Horse Shoe Block. I blanket stitched around all the edges with coordinating thread before sewing it into my quilt top. Needle turn applique is is nice option for summer sewing.

I too have fond memories of playing horse shoes with family. My Grandfather used to book a cabin for us every spring and fall at his friend’s cabin in Jasper, Alberta. There are horse shoe pits at the cabin so a spontaneous game would inevitably start up every year. If you haven’t heard of playing horse shoes there are metal spikes set in sand pits opposite each other at a certain distance apart. You toss horse shoes and try to ring the spikes with them.

Jenn’s block was designed as a needle turned applique block so you have an opportunity for some slow stitching outside in the nice summer weather if you wish. I encourage you to give it a try. I tried needle turned applique for the first time on this block and I am still working on that.

Another option for this block is fusible web applique which I ended up using to create the block that went into my quilt top. If you choose to do a fusible block you can still have a chance to hand sew if you want to hand sew your blanket stitches. Or you can use a sewing machine to secure your edges with zig zag, satin or blanket stitches. I created a short little YouTube tutorial video to show how to hand sew blanket stitches on applique.

Jenn has tutorial links and her free pattern download on her blog so please visit her there. If you enjoy her post please consider following her blog. She is offering a giveaway too so make sure to enter that while you’re there. You can also follow Jenn on Instagram @jennmcmillan.

Daydreams of Quilts is offering a giveaway this week too! Post your horse shoe blocks publicly on Instagram and use the hashtag #canadiansummerqal before next week’s block comes out on June 18th for a chance to win one of my Seam Ripper enamel pins and a Daydreams of Quilts enamel logo pin too! (If you are not on Instagram email me a photo of your block to daydreamsofquilts (at) gmail (dot) com and I will post it on your behalf.)

Daydreams of Quilts enamel pins.

Visit the main Canadian Summer Quilt Along post here at Daydreams of Quilts to see the schedule of upcoming blocks, sponsors and list of prizes for the grand prize at the end. Thank you for sewing along with us!

Canadian Summer Quilt Along Quilt
Anita’s Canadian Summer Quilt Along quilt with rainbow Canadian flags sashing.

Canadian Summer Quilt Along Starts in One Week

Canadian Summer Quilt Along Quilt

Exciting news today! The Canadian Summer Quilt Along starts in one week on June 11, 2018! Start gathering your scraps so you can sew along with us. I have made all the blocks using my stash.  We have 16 blocks so you can make a 3 x 4 block quilt or a 4 x 4 block quilt. Read a bit more about it and check out the schedule on the main Canadian Summer Quilt Along page.

Canadian Summer Quilt Along Badge

I have an idea for sashing to share with you today as something to consider for finishing your top. This is completely optional but it will increase the size of the quilt.

My idea is to sash between the blocks with 6″ x 12″ (finished) Canadian Flag sashing blocks. And then just have 3″ vertical sashing strips between the vertical rows. I have done a little quilt layout diagram in EQ7 to show you this idea. I wasn’t planning on sashing above and below the blocks just between the four rows of blocks but I don’t know how to get EQ7 to let me show that so just ignore the top and bottom sashing rows (or go ahead and make that many flags if you like the top and bottom sashing).

Canadian Flag Quilt Sashing
Sashing Option to increase the finished quilt size of the Canadian Summer Quilt Along Quilt.

Here is my finished quilt top:

Canadian Summer Quilt Along Quilt
Anita’s Canadian Summer Quilt Along quilt with rainbow Canadian flags sashing.

If you like this idea and want to make flags for sashing you can use  this template: Maple Leaf Template

  1. Cut your centre squares 6.5″ from white fabric and the bars on either side 3.5″ x 6.5″ in the same colour as your leaf.
  2. Use the template to make fusible applique leaves using fusible web such as Heat n Bond. Place fusible web paper side up over the template and trace the leaves. Then fuse to the wrong side of your fabric following product instructions and cut out leaves with sharp paper scissors.
  3. Centre the leaves on the white 6.5″ squares and fuse in place again following product instructions. Blanket sitch or zig zag stitch around the edges. (Or leave to stitch when quilting.) Here is a link to a little YouTube tutorial video I made on how to hand blanket stitch.
  4. Sew the 3.5″ x 6.5″ rectangles to either side and press seams towards the rectangles.

And there you have your flags to sew between the blocks. This template also works for this Canadian Flag Pillow Tutorial and this Canada Day bunting flag tutorial.

The vertical sashing and border strips are cut 3.5″ by width of fabric. You will need 14 strips if you make a quilt with 16 blocks.

I hope you will join in and sew with us in the Canadian Summer Quilt Along.